29 August 2013

Metamorphosis of sorts

Alright guys,
this is gonna be a post of a metamorphosis of sorts ;)
You've been thoroughly warned, and it might be a little jumbled.
Also, if you make it through,
I'll give you brownie/cookie/fruits/veggies/tofu/meat/whatever-kind-of-points-you-want
(just can't give you Weight Watchers points...
something about copyrights and the fact that this isn't actually food or excercise)

Ok here goes:

So for a while now I've been feeling extremely lonely.
I LOVE being able to stay home with Rory,
and have her be my buddy,
but it was starting to make me feel like I was fading into the background everywhere.
"Just" a mom, wife, someone that is easily ignored.
My own daughter likes to just play by herself,
asking me only for food or to open a bottle of water for her,
again, in the background, unimportant.
And after many tears, and wet shoulders for Andrew,
I just felt crappy.

Enter self-image issues at this point:
I have always struggled with my weight.
Like always.
I've never been the size 0 girl,
or the fashionable one, etc etc.
I buy my clothes at Wal-Mart usually,
yes along with my groceries and light bulbs haha
I get asked multiple times if I'm pregnant
which I can usually just let it slide off me,
but sometimes it just gets under my skin and it hurts.
And I just pretend like it doesn't while I'm out in public then cry at home.

At this point, I'd reached all-time low,
then last week there was a blogger meetup.
I decided that I needed a new outfit for the meetup cuz to be honest,
the last new clothes I bought were maternity hahaha
(and I had a gift card to spend)
So I got a denim skirt, some shorts, and a sparkly mint green top,
and thusly armed I was ready.
As soon as I got in the car with Hope,
I could feel my loneliness and unhappiness start to disappear.
I had her DJ the drive out to the boutique
(don't worry, a separate post to come about this soon)
and as we're driving we both have friends texting us asking if we were there yet,
how long were we gonna be, etc.
Soon as we walked in,
I was met with smiles, hugs, and playful teases.
Talk about a total self-esteem booster!
Not to mention, they love me just for me,
I didn't need to have fancy brand name clothes,
a designer handbag,
the latest trending fad,
 Just ME.
We went out to dinner afterwards at Rubio's 
and I'm telling you,
that was one of the funnest things I've done!
We laughed til we cried,
talked about things we aren't always the most open about,
Lydia taught us the ultimate "Ownya" face,
and we shared nachos hahaha

I went home with a smile on my face,
and feeling happier than I had in awhile.
Then that Saturday night,
I went out to dinner with two ladies that I had worked with for a year,
but we hadn't seen each other in almost 3 years!
I can't even tell you how awesome it was to be reunited ;)
We became 2 year olds in the Disney Store
while we walked around reminiscing,
then we ate dinner at Red Robin.
For 3 hours!
We laughed, cried, and just genuinely enjoyed getting together.

As I was driving home,
I had tears running down my cheeks.
But this time, they were happy tears.
I realized that though I thought I didn't,
I have friends.
Friends that would do anything for me,
and vice versa.
Friends that I can call to vent, laugh about stuff with, and have inside jokes with.
And the entire 2 days,
I didn't even THINK about my weight.
Only true friends can do that.
I don't feel self-conscious when I'm with them,
they don't make me uncomfortable,
and I can be ME.

So all in all,
I feel much better about my image.
I know I'm probably gonna still have relapses,
BUT I now know that I have friends no matter what I weigh,
and my loneliness,
I feel like part of something more now,
and I love it ;)


24 August 2013

Winner winner!!

Hello lovelies!!

A real post will come soon
(gotta get the pictures off my camera - bloger meetup what-what!!)
but for now:

Giveaway winner is Andy Brienne Loiseau!!
Check your email girl for your candle info!! ;)

Hoping to have another giveaway like this soon!
Thanks to all that entered!!

16 August 2013

6 Things You Could Know About Me {if you read this post}

The lovely Jenna tagged me in the list of 6 things
and I thought, heck yeah why not?? ;)

1. Is this how you imagined your life would be?

Mostly yes ;) 
Turning 25 this year (in October!!) I remember thinking
"a house, 2 kids, husband done with school and in a career."
And none of that is true haha
BUT I do have an amazing husband that's working hard for us,
and the cutest daughter ever right??

2. If money were no question, I would purchase...

my dream house and a crossover or SUV ;)
Oh and a trip all over the world with Andrew ;)
Funny thing is that Andrew and I just talked about what we would do
if we somehow had $1,000,000 hahaha

3. What's your drink of choice when out with the girlfriends?

Well I don't drink alcohol,
so it's usually Dr Pepper or a flavored lemonade ;)

4. What do you love about yourself?

Oh sheesh! 
I hate questions like these
(like in interviews when they say "why should we hire you?" *shudder*)
but I guess I love that even though I'm getting older,
I still like to be silly and see magic in things ;)
I'm a Disney girl what can I say? ;)
Gotta believe in magic and pixie dust ;)

5. Name one good deed that went unseen.

Well I try to do things all the time for other people,
a lot of time it's just helping with the cleaning or something.

6. What hobbies do you have that you don't mention on your blog?

Not many hahaha
I do LOVE to sing though.
Secretly I hope to be discovered to sing for like a cartoon or something!
Well, it's not so secret anymore......

Ok now I gotta tag some peeps ;)
I'm thinking Katie, Siri, Camille, Megan, Chrissy, Hope and anyone else that wants to!

10 August 2013

Catching Up!

Don't forget to enter for the Diamond Candle!
Let me catch you up on what's been happenin around here ;)

Just giving her loves before I left her at GG and Papa's one day ;)
Can ya tell she just wanted me to leave her alone so she could play?
Hahahaha she sure loves her GG and Papa.

I made this at As You Wish for Andrew for his pens at work ;)
He's an obvious Nintendo nerd
and I thought it suited him ;)
Also I want it to be known that I drew everything but the spaceship,
thank you very much!

So, remember how one of my biggest fears is sharks?
Yeah it's shark week and I've found myself watching JAWS 
and the shows on Discovery.....
and the nightmares continue.....
WHY do I do this to myself??
I will never go swimming in the ocean again!

She was saying "pretty" into the camera
while she's looking at herself.
This one doesn't have any self-image issues hahaha

This week I made a funeral DVD slideshow for my dear friend's grandma,
and I enjoyed the process so much!
I've been thinking about maybe seeing if people would want that service
for a minimal price??
What do you think?
I scanned over 200 pictures in less than 6 hours
and made 5 copies of the movie and 5 CDs of the pictures 
within 12 hours of receiving them
(had to take a 3 hour break for a family dinner/party).
I was extremely proud of myself ;)
Little Victory!

And Wednesday we spent the day with grandma and GG ;)
And Rory took a little catnap
which GG loved since she doesn't really snuggle snymore. ;)

So what's been up with you lately??

(Sorry if this came up again.....blogger did a weird thing
and deleted the other post.....ugh)

08 August 2013

Diamond Candle Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Alright guys, I KNOW you've been waiting for this giveaway!
I was SOOOO excited when I got contacted by Katelynn to review this candle and
then be able to give one to you guys!

I had never heard of Diamond Candles until I saw one of my FB friends had 
gotten 3 from her husband as an anniversary gift.
And I was intrigued, so I looked them up and thought,
"What a neat idea!"

So imagine my happiness when Katelynn asked me to review one!
I had the hardest time choosing which candle!
Seriously, guys it was like a Bath and Body Works candle-style.
Each candle has a ring inside,
ranging anywhere between $10, $100, $1000, and $5000!
And to me, this is just wonderful because they are ALL sparkly!
And do you know any girl who doesn't like
to feel pretty?

I seriously LOVE my candle!
First, it's soy-based so it's safer for burning than regular wax
(for those of you that have reservations about wax - yes I mean you Camille ;) )
and the fragrance is wonderful.
As soon as I opened my candle I was like
"Ooooo, THIS is how a candle should smell!"
then I lit it and it spread through the apartment and it smells so good here ;)

For this review, I picked the Midnight Kiss candle.

So can you see how big these are?
Now that I know how big they are, I would buy them even if they didn't have a ring!
Talk about a great investment in a great candle!

It took about 10 hours ish to get it here
and was super easy to get out!

I was so excited!!!
I put it on Instagram asking for people to give guesses
(in fact they're all still waiting because I wanted to do this first ;) )

Oh my gosh pretty right?!
It's too bad my fingers are super fat and it won't fit hahaha
BUT I'm gonna figure something out to do with it ;)

So now one of you lucky gorgeous ladies (or gents FOR your ladies)
gets to win one of these candles!
Guys, I really can't describe how much I love my candle,
the smell is amazing,
and it burns fast to the ring
(since it's nice and close to the top)
and then I still have a TON of my candle left to burn ;)
$25 well spent in my personal opinion 
and I plan on buying another one real soon here ;)

PLEASE got check out their


06 August 2013

Currently Smelling

Wanna know what's happening over here at the Mills' household currently?? 

Get ready for a giveaway coming soon!! 
And let me tell you, it smells sooooooo good guys! 
Check out diamondcandles.com for more info on what they're about 
and as soon as my ring comes to the surface, 
we'll do our giveaway for you lucky people!!