13 July 2013

Spread the Love!

Hello my lovelies!
Before we get started on this today,
don't forget to enter this giveaway!!

And now for some blog lovin!

First the adorable Kolie from Stubborn Delight!

She's so sweet and caring,
has great fashion sense,
and you can tell how much she loves her husband and family.
Thank you Kolie for being the sweetest gal and one of the nicest people I know!

Second, Emma from {Race&Emma}

This girl always has something wonderful to say!
I mean seriously,
her posts are always so uplifting and her baby Holland is adorable!
I was lucky enough to have lunch with her when our girls were super
tiny and I loved our lunch date! 
She's also the one that introduced me to the Smashbooks
and I will forever love her for that hahaha

Thanks Camille for the linkup!!

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