17 July 2013


Hello lovelies!!
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So this week has been kinda hard for us.
Rory is cutting four teeth at a time,
not joking, 4 TEETH at the same time!!
We've been up every night for the past 3 days for a few hours 
but it's worth it later right??

Although on a very positive note,
Andrew started his new job this week!
He's now working in the customer service department
of Maxis Tools 
(they do power tool distribution)
and he works a set schedule,
and is home by 4!
HOME BY 4! ;)
And his job has benefits which is such a blessing!
This means we can finally not stress about MY coverage
expiring next year cuz I turn 26,
therefore kicking myself off my parents insurance.
Hello blessings!!
Prayer works ;)

The best part about this job?
It's literally one office building away from my OBGYN,
2 buildings away from our dentist,
one block away from Rory's DR,
and one block away from the hospital ;)
So this means that we're gonna be moving out east once our lease is up!
 We've been doing lots of recon,
and I'm excited to find a new place but NOT excited to have to pack
everything hahaha

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