26 July 2013


Well I promised you something more eventful in the next post,
here goes.

On Wednesday night,
I was in the bathroom when I heard banging on the baby monitor I had accidentally left on,
so naturally I went in to check because the banging continued after the first
loud noise,
I opened the door to Rory's screaming in terror,
her crib swaying back and forth,
and a man climbing under her crib.
(Hence the terrorized baby and the swaying crib)

I froze in the doorway but apparently I made enough of a noise
to alert Andrew in the living room and he came right in as the feet of the 
man were disappearing under the crib.
Then I came burst into action:
grabbed Rory and ran to the bedroom
and had our metal bat in my hands in case Andrew needed me,
while Andrew dealt with the man under the crib
who was saying "I give up, I surrender" over and over again.
He had somehow broken in through the sliding glass door.
None of us know how he did it,
including the police officer that came.
But we now have an extra lock on it and a block of wood,
and a brand new lock.

This man had apparently already hit 3 other places before he got to us.
The police were here within 90 seconds of our call because of those
previous hits which were also called in.
He was caught within 15 minutes of our call,
Andrew made an ID,
we wrote up statements,
and the man was charged with trespassing in the first degree.
He was definitely high on something,
I'm not sure what but it wasn't pretty.

During this entire ordeal,
I felt our guardian angels watching over us.
First, the man wasn't after anything,
he just wanted a place to hide from the police.
Second, he didn't hurt Rory,
just scared her.
Third, no one was harmed in any way whatsoever.
I also understand that we were extremely lucky in the outcome.
Guardian angels guys.

Rory calmed down within 10 minutes and made friends
with the police officer (of course)
and I'm pretty much convinced that nothing phases our girl
for very long at all.
And my adrenaline rush ended as soon as the police came,
as did my shaking which was nice.

I'm so grateful for the watchfulness of our Heavenly Father
and His angels He sent to protect us.
I'm grateful for the wonderful police officers that came to our aid in 
such a timely manner.
I'm BEYOND grateful for my amazing husband
who kept his cool and handled the situation wonderfully
and made sure we were safe.


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