10 July 2013

Eden's Garden Boutique Giveaway!

Alright you guys,
I've been sooo excited to write this post!
AND there's a giveaway at the bottom, come on how awesome is that?!

So background:
I met Kaylee (and her twin sister Elise) when my friend Noelle married her brother Eric 
and we were bridesmaids together.
Fast forward a few years and she contacted me saying that she blog-stalked me
for a bit (which I was flattered by!) 
and asked me if I wanted to try out 
some of her jewelry from her store
Um what girl wouldn't LOVE free jewelry!

So I went over to her super adorable house, we talked babies, vacations, 
and she sent me home with 3 pieces that I was really excited about!
In fact, that very night,
I wore the peacock necklace and bracelet out to dinner
with Brittany and Jesse from Trendkin
(to a place that deserves its own post!)
and Brittany was sweet enough to compliment me on them!

Aren't these super adorable?!

I LOVE this necklace so much!
I love the fact that it's 3 birdies and right now,
there are three birdies in a tree in our family ;)

This peacock necklace is just gorgeous!
And the feathers are all loose,
which makes me (and Rory) very happy hahaha

And who wouldn't love a chunky bracelet?!
I was hesitant with this one,
Kaylee and I discussed this and she probably thought
I was nuts but she swayed me saying I could pull it off!
And I think she was right!
 Kaylee decided to start this jewelry "store"
(called Eden's Garden Boutique - after her daughter Eden)
with her mom after huge success on one of the FB sale groups,
and now it's blossomed to this wonderful place for good quality
and extremely affordable pieces of jewelry,
and now she has skirts and belts and it's just wonderful!

So this month Kaylee is having a Christmas in July sale!!
Heck yes!
Here's just a sample of what she has on sale!!

AND she now does shipping so all of you guys 
can get in on this awesomeness!

And if you spend $50 (or more)
you get this necklace for free!

And one of you lucky people gets this
necklace right now!
Along with these other 4 pieces!
As in:
ONE winner gets ALL 5 PIECES! ;)

Head over to the FB page and there are prices there,
and there you can also get a hold of Kaylee!
She's gonna be adding more and more to the sale so check often!!

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