28 July 2013

Angels at Work

Thank you all for your sweet words and comfort (here)
and believe me we're extremely grateful too that nothing happened!
I do also want to make it clear that Andrew was fully prepared to protect us
in any way he had to but seeing as the guy gave himself up,
he didn't want to do anything that might have provoked the guy into violence.
But my Andrew is no wimp ;)
Just to get it out there.

See how much love he has for her? ;)

Also, fun story, our story was on the news apparently!
No, we were not mentioned (thank goodness),
but the story was there hahaha
Here's the best article out of the batch (here)
Ok so now that it's out of the way, let's tell you about Bad Luck Saturday hahaha

So yesterday my wonderful husband went to Peoria
to help my parents and brother get some theatre equipment
for AYT's new theatre
(to be opening soon!!)
while Rory and I stayed at my parents house and did some laundry ;)
They'd been gone probably about 2 hours when Andrew texted me saying
 something blew out on the truck they were using.
Of course it did.

I asked if they were ok,
they were but to be prepared to come get them if necessary.
So I waited by the phone and my mom called.
Apparently the radiator tube had popped off and
 all the coolant was sprayed over the engine.
So the truck didn't work and it had a trailer attached to it that had 
hundreds of pounds of stuff on it, therefore making it impossible to move.
Thankfully a lovely couple did stop at one point and
insisted on hitching the trailer to their big car and took it into a parking lot,
then went back for the truck.
Thus making it much easier for them to be rescued hahahaha
Such sweet people!
AND they also were theatre people!
They were parents of kids that have been in Desert Stages productions!
In fact, their daughter was in Alice in Wonderland with my brother Trevor
and he had been their favorite Mad Hatter
(there were 4 different ones in that production)!

I think not.
(And wasn't he such a cute little Mad Hatter?
The Dormouse decided to photobomb haha)

So as much as it was a bad luck week for the Bowler/Mills,
it was also a blessed week!
We Mills were safe through the whole intruder ordeal,
and the Bowlers (one one Mills) were safe and helped by some awesome people!
Guardian angels were working overtime this week ;)

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