28 July 2013

Angels at Work

Thank you all for your sweet words and comfort (here)
and believe me we're extremely grateful too that nothing happened!
I do also want to make it clear that Andrew was fully prepared to protect us
in any way he had to but seeing as the guy gave himself up,
he didn't want to do anything that might have provoked the guy into violence.
But my Andrew is no wimp ;)
Just to get it out there.

See how much love he has for her? ;)

Also, fun story, our story was on the news apparently!
No, we were not mentioned (thank goodness),
but the story was there hahaha
Here's the best article out of the batch (here)
Ok so now that it's out of the way, let's tell you about Bad Luck Saturday hahaha

So yesterday my wonderful husband went to Peoria
to help my parents and brother get some theatre equipment
for AYT's new theatre
(to be opening soon!!)
while Rory and I stayed at my parents house and did some laundry ;)
They'd been gone probably about 2 hours when Andrew texted me saying
 something blew out on the truck they were using.
Of course it did.

I asked if they were ok,
they were but to be prepared to come get them if necessary.
So I waited by the phone and my mom called.
Apparently the radiator tube had popped off and
 all the coolant was sprayed over the engine.
So the truck didn't work and it had a trailer attached to it that had 
hundreds of pounds of stuff on it, therefore making it impossible to move.
Thankfully a lovely couple did stop at one point and
insisted on hitching the trailer to their big car and took it into a parking lot,
then went back for the truck.
Thus making it much easier for them to be rescued hahahaha
Such sweet people!
AND they also were theatre people!
They were parents of kids that have been in Desert Stages productions!
In fact, their daughter was in Alice in Wonderland with my brother Trevor
and he had been their favorite Mad Hatter
(there were 4 different ones in that production)!

I think not.
(And wasn't he such a cute little Mad Hatter?
The Dormouse decided to photobomb haha)

So as much as it was a bad luck week for the Bowler/Mills,
it was also a blessed week!
We Mills were safe through the whole intruder ordeal,
and the Bowlers (one one Mills) were safe and helped by some awesome people!
Guardian angels were working overtime this week ;)

26 July 2013


Well I promised you something more eventful in the next post,
here goes.

On Wednesday night,
I was in the bathroom when I heard banging on the baby monitor I had accidentally left on,
so naturally I went in to check because the banging continued after the first
loud noise,
I opened the door to Rory's screaming in terror,
her crib swaying back and forth,
and a man climbing under her crib.
(Hence the terrorized baby and the swaying crib)

I froze in the doorway but apparently I made enough of a noise
to alert Andrew in the living room and he came right in as the feet of the 
man were disappearing under the crib.
Then I came burst into action:
grabbed Rory and ran to the bedroom
and had our metal bat in my hands in case Andrew needed me,
while Andrew dealt with the man under the crib
who was saying "I give up, I surrender" over and over again.
He had somehow broken in through the sliding glass door.
None of us know how he did it,
including the police officer that came.
But we now have an extra lock on it and a block of wood,
and a brand new lock.

This man had apparently already hit 3 other places before he got to us.
The police were here within 90 seconds of our call because of those
previous hits which were also called in.
He was caught within 15 minutes of our call,
Andrew made an ID,
we wrote up statements,
and the man was charged with trespassing in the first degree.
He was definitely high on something,
I'm not sure what but it wasn't pretty.

During this entire ordeal,
I felt our guardian angels watching over us.
First, the man wasn't after anything,
he just wanted a place to hide from the police.
Second, he didn't hurt Rory,
just scared her.
Third, no one was harmed in any way whatsoever.
I also understand that we were extremely lucky in the outcome.
Guardian angels guys.

Rory calmed down within 10 minutes and made friends
with the police officer (of course)
and I'm pretty much convinced that nothing phases our girl
for very long at all.
And my adrenaline rush ended as soon as the police came,
as did my shaking which was nice.

I'm so grateful for the watchfulness of our Heavenly Father
and His angels He sent to protect us.
I'm grateful for the wonderful police officers that came to our aid in 
such a timely manner.
I'm BEYOND grateful for my amazing husband
who kept his cool and handled the situation wonderfully
and made sure we were safe.


22 July 2013

Wide Open Spaces and Spoiled

So let me just say that I am thoroughly spoiled by my husband ;)

We all know I'm not the cook in the house hahaha
that's all him.
Well now that he's home so early in the day,
he was on a kick and made apricot preserves, crepes, french toast,
caramelized bananas, hamburgers, and that's not even all of it!

 Thanks to Lydia for the blueberry syrup!

I know I'm spoiled,
like I get it hahaha ;)
Usually the wife is supposed to be the domestic one,
but in our relationship:
Andrew does the cooking and I do most of the cleaning
(he does the bathroom cuz he's picky about it)
and we're happy with it hahaha
Andrew also decided that I needed something nice
and on his last day of Best Buy he bought me headphones.

These are over $120 headphones and we got them for $80!
AND they have a protection plan on them hahaha
yeah I'm one of those people.
And they are AMAZING!

With his new job,
he got a company phone.
An iPhone!! Hahahaha
he's so not an Apple fan,
BUT he did like the case that I found for him ;)

My little videogame nerd ;)

And Rory and I have been enjoying our times together ;)

I wanted to buy these SOOOO bad!
What girl doesn't need Avengers shoes?!

My mom bought her Minnie slippers ;)

In the sink bath chair at GG and Papa's,
pretending she's shy haha

We decided it was time to try and "train" her
to leave things alone so we opened everything up and just closed doors ;)
She LOVES having the whole room open and running around!

I seriously love these pillowcase dresses GG Bowler
made for her and they're perfect for the heat ;)

Hopefully I'll have something more exciting next time!

17 July 2013


Hello lovelies!!
(last hours to enter this giveaway! DO IT!)

So this week has been kinda hard for us.
Rory is cutting four teeth at a time,
not joking, 4 TEETH at the same time!!
We've been up every night for the past 3 days for a few hours 
but it's worth it later right??

Although on a very positive note,
Andrew started his new job this week!
He's now working in the customer service department
of Maxis Tools 
(they do power tool distribution)
and he works a set schedule,
and is home by 4!
HOME BY 4! ;)
And his job has benefits which is such a blessing!
This means we can finally not stress about MY coverage
expiring next year cuz I turn 26,
therefore kicking myself off my parents insurance.
Hello blessings!!
Prayer works ;)

The best part about this job?
It's literally one office building away from my OBGYN,
2 buildings away from our dentist,
one block away from Rory's DR,
and one block away from the hospital ;)
So this means that we're gonna be moving out east once our lease is up!
 We've been doing lots of recon,
and I'm excited to find a new place but NOT excited to have to pack
everything hahaha

13 July 2013

Spread the Love!

Hello my lovelies!
Before we get started on this today,
don't forget to enter this giveaway!!

And now for some blog lovin!

First the adorable Kolie from Stubborn Delight!

She's so sweet and caring,
has great fashion sense,
and you can tell how much she loves her husband and family.
Thank you Kolie for being the sweetest gal and one of the nicest people I know!

Second, Emma from {Race&Emma}

This girl always has something wonderful to say!
I mean seriously,
her posts are always so uplifting and her baby Holland is adorable!
I was lucky enough to have lunch with her when our girls were super
tiny and I loved our lunch date! 
She's also the one that introduced me to the Smashbooks
and I will forever love her for that hahaha

Thanks Camille for the linkup!!

10 July 2013

Eden's Garden Boutique Giveaway!

Alright you guys,
I've been sooo excited to write this post!
AND there's a giveaway at the bottom, come on how awesome is that?!

So background:
I met Kaylee (and her twin sister Elise) when my friend Noelle married her brother Eric 
and we were bridesmaids together.
Fast forward a few years and she contacted me saying that she blog-stalked me
for a bit (which I was flattered by!) 
and asked me if I wanted to try out 
some of her jewelry from her store
Um what girl wouldn't LOVE free jewelry!

So I went over to her super adorable house, we talked babies, vacations, 
and she sent me home with 3 pieces that I was really excited about!
In fact, that very night,
I wore the peacock necklace and bracelet out to dinner
with Brittany and Jesse from Trendkin
(to a place that deserves its own post!)
and Brittany was sweet enough to compliment me on them!

Aren't these super adorable?!

I LOVE this necklace so much!
I love the fact that it's 3 birdies and right now,
there are three birdies in a tree in our family ;)

This peacock necklace is just gorgeous!
And the feathers are all loose,
which makes me (and Rory) very happy hahaha

And who wouldn't love a chunky bracelet?!
I was hesitant with this one,
Kaylee and I discussed this and she probably thought
I was nuts but she swayed me saying I could pull it off!
And I think she was right!
 Kaylee decided to start this jewelry "store"
(called Eden's Garden Boutique - after her daughter Eden)
with her mom after huge success on one of the FB sale groups,
and now it's blossomed to this wonderful place for good quality
and extremely affordable pieces of jewelry,
and now she has skirts and belts and it's just wonderful!

So this month Kaylee is having a Christmas in July sale!!
Heck yes!
Here's just a sample of what she has on sale!!

AND she now does shipping so all of you guys 
can get in on this awesomeness!

And if you spend $50 (or more)
you get this necklace for free!

And one of you lucky people gets this
necklace right now!
Along with these other 4 pieces!
As in:
ONE winner gets ALL 5 PIECES! ;)

Head over to the FB page and there are prices there,
and there you can also get a hold of Kaylee!
She's gonna be adding more and more to the sale so check often!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


04 July 2013

Lazy 4th!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!
It was a super laid-back holiday here at the Mills' household ;)
Andrew went to work,
and while daddy works baby and mommy will play!
Hahahaha well, Rory went to her GG and Papa's house so I
could go with my parents and brothers and sister-in-law to As You Wish!!

She LOVES her GG/Papa's house ;)

For those that don't know,
As You Wish is a place where you paint pottery and they kiln it for you ;)
I hadn't been since I was 15,
so this was super exciting for me to do!
My sister-in-law had never been there so it was really fun for all of us to get
our creative juices flowing!
(and for my dad and brother to validate how great their 
drawing skills are!)
 I picked a cookie jar,
and as I'm looking at it, my mind seriously went blank.....
I'm not the best at coming up with things, 
I'm a GREAT copier though!
so as I'm sitting there staring at it,
I had a vision!
At least for the lid I was gonna do a Mickey face 
and the little knob on top was going to be his nose!
"BRILLIANT!!!" I thought to myself,
then I realized I can't draw to save my life haha
so my amazing daddy came to my rescue and it turned out like this: