14 June 2013

Spread the Love!

Time for more wonderful 
"Spread the Love" on the blogosphere! ;)
I have so many friends that I wanna talk about 
but for now I'll introduce 3 of them to you!

First, Jana from Life Could Be A Dream!

Ok I seriously LOVE this girl ;)
She's always positive and has such a great perspective on life!
She went to culinary school,
so whenever I have a food question I know I can ask her
and she'll give me GREAT advice!
PLUS she makes her own baby food for her Joshua which I think is awesome!
Jana thank you for always looking on the bright side
of life and being so genuine and honest!

Second is Lauren from My Happy Thought!

Isn't she gorgeous?!
And to add more awesomeness, she's a PRINCESS!
Seriously guys!
She has a princess business called Storybook Adventures and they go to events, 
birthday parties, etc and make little girl's dreams come true!
Plus she's got a pretty cute little princess of her own!
If you haven't already, you should like her page on FB!
Thank you Lauren for always making me smile
and for believing that dreams can still come true no matter
what your age!

I just can't get over how beautiful this girl is!
She is all about family, hard work, love, and her two adorable chocolate labs!
She's also an AMAZING photographer!
I actually met Siri through blogging only to discover she was in MY WARD,
but by the time we realized this, she was moving out!
That's what happens when we were stuck in Primary!
I've loved getting to meet her at the #azbloggermeetups we've been having,
and I hope soon to be able to have an excuse to employ her for pictures!
Thank you Siri for showing us the beauty in nature, life, and love!
And for being such a wonderful and caring person!

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