18 June 2013


Ah Tuesday,
so much better than a Monday but not as nice as a Friday,
nor a Saturday,
and though this week I'm definitely looking forward to Wednesday,
Tuesday I like you so far.

And thus ends the weird "day poem"

But guys seriously,
I woke up this morning feeling pretty a-ok!
Probably because tomorrow my baby turns 1!!!
AND I finally get a brand-new-out-of-the-box-from-the-store iPhone!!
Ok mostly because my baby girl turns 1 ;)

It went by so fast!
Are all the years gonna be like this??
Cuz if so, 
I'm not ok with it hahaha
I mean a year ago today I was miserably still pregnant
and waiting for the hospital to call and say there was a bed available to induce me
(and believe me, I wanted to evict her from my body FAST!)
And then she was here,
a big purple/gray beauty
and she was MINE!
Now she's this tall, beautiful, walking, almost-talking,
giggly, goofball, little girl.
No longer a baby anymore ;) 
It's bittersweet,
but that kind of a post is more meant for tomorrow ;)

So yesterday was Andrew's day off and he went to ASU
to take care of some things
(like changing his major FINALLY and getting his classes squared away)
and it looks like we're closer to being done than we thought!
Only bad thing about that is that then we have to pay back the student loans
yuck but oh well.
Basically what I wanna say is HALLELUJAH the end is in sight!
And it could be sooner than we thought to have an ASU grad ;)
Spanish Linguistics,
ah just hearing it makes me happy haha
No I don't know what he'll do with the degree yet,
but the point is we now have a degree that he likes and can do lots of things here with!

And for now,
I'm signing off cuz I've got a very angry girl yelling at me from the other
room to be let out of her bed hahaha

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