04 June 2013


Guys, my baby is turning 1 in 15 days!!!
Seriously, time needs to slow down!!
She's walkin and on the very tip edge of real talking.
She says "dada", "mama", "uh-oh", "no" and she tries soo hard to tell me things
and I tell her, "Just use your words sweetie" hahaha
Soon I'll be upset that I can't get her to STOP talking hahaha

But my growing baby is not the purpose of this post
(pretty much every other post, but not today)
today I wanna talk about other stuff.

I'm sitting here watching Hunger Games,
trying to cool off after making macaroni salad in the heat of the day
(cuz Rory didn't go down for her nap at her "normal" time)
and I'm thinking to myself,
"I think I'm finally starting to get it back together."

I went to my dr appointment this morning,
and even though I haven't had any "attacks" in the past week,
 I felt it was necessary
to keep the appointment and talk to him since it's not supposed 
to happen at all because I'm taking Prilosec as a regimen.
And I was right, this shouldn't be happening at all,
so we're taking precautions and I need to get an endoscopy.....
ugh to the max.
You know those girls that have babies and their bodies go back to normal?
I don't necessarily mean like back to weight normal,
I mean like back to the way it always was?
Yeah my body went a different way hahaha
BUT good news there too,
I've lost 4 pounds in a week!!
*Happy Dance*

Sunday we made it through all 3 hours of church
AND a half hour ward missionary meeting
with only one big freakout from Rory ;)
This is huge!
We usually end up needing to leave since we're just standing in the hallways.
We had a great lesson in Relief Society that hit home to me.
It was about self-reliance in the physical sense
(food storage, health, needs, etc).
Now Andrew and I have always been pretty good about keeping a budget.
Well, when we got home that day,
we sat down and realized how bad we'd actually been at keeping it.
We'd had a really nice nest egg in savings but have since had to 
use it to sometimes cover things when we had spent more than necessary.
Yeah, yeah I know we're bad.
No need to lecture us,
I already did hahaha ;)
But we sat down and made a new budget
and decided to change some things.
We bought a SodaStream to help us cut back on the grocery cost
(and it's healthier too).
Soon we're hoping to take formula out of the picture
(guys it costs $25 a container and Rory goes through them almost every paycheck)
now diapers we know are gonna be staying for a long while hahaha

We're cutting WAY back on eating out.
We knew we'd been bad about it,
but looking at it, it was really bad.
SO we made a meal plan of sorts.
There's only two of us that eat the majority of the food I make
so it's easier to make a big casserole then have Andrew take leftovers to work,
and eat them for dinner on consecutive nights.
And considering that I can really only make like 4-5 things really well,
this works out for us ;)
And I'm going to be making more cold dishes 
so that we always have something to eat,
instead of saying "Stop by somewhere on the way home".
And now we'll save our money for when we wanna go out somewhere nice ;)

Also Rory's room is STILL clean!
Even after letting her play around in there!
Oh yeah baby!
AND I mostly cleared off our kitchen table 
and I'm working on getting the kitchen itself to where I don't feel like I'm constantly
drowning in dishes or dirty counters
(I mean seriously how can 2 people have so many dishes all the time??)
This week when Rory goes to her GG and Papa's house,
my goal is our bedroom.
Guys it's awful!
Remember how I said Rory's room was?
Well that's how ours is but on steroids.
We tend to throw things in there cuz it's out of Rory's way,
but then it gets in OUR way later haha
so this week I'll be a new woman!

Anyone else have anything exciting happen over the weekend??


  1. Ali, let me tell you nobody's body goes back to normal after having a baby, mine sure hasn't and I've had three. Good job on the budgeting!

  2. Still can't believe she'll be one so soon!! And good for you guys on the budget and everything - that's seriously awesome!!

  3. You've been busy! Way to go on the budgeting. Can't wait to hear all about Rory's first birthday!


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