22 June 2013

Aurora's First Birthday Party

I wanna thank all of you for wishing Rory
a happy birthday!
She and I spent a fun day together and my mom and brother came over
for a few hours
(mom needed to make cookies and her oven is broken so I gladly volunteered mine!)

Then that night we went to Best Buy so mommy could get this beauty

Ah my friends!!!
The angels sang as they placed it in my hands ;)
Hahaha we've been saving for awhile to get one for me
and then my brother needed a phone cuz he broke his 4S so he bought mine off me 
and I got to upgrade!
We then proceeded to P.F. Chang's for Andrew's birthday dinner
(on Rory's birthday - we like to celebrate on the opposite birthday apparently haha)

My face was the skeptical
"is this forward camera better than my 4??"
^ that's a resounding YES btw ;)

Ok so here's where there's a picture overload!
Prepare yourselves for Rory's First Birthday Party!

First, the table/food:

We sprinkled photos of Rory and blue pawprints all over the place ;)


Her brand-new Princess chair ;)

My brother decided he was going to be part of the decor
as well.


Dancing to Shakira with Aunt Haley,
Aunt Emily wasn't feeling too well but she came
and Rory was happy to see her
(almost into the second trimester but that nausea is still getting her poor thing!),
and stealing food from grandma's plate ;)

Daddy fixing her bow,
grandpa showing her the "Aurora's First Birthday" buttons we all got to wear -
and everyone got to take one home with their goodie bag,
sitting her other grandpa after playing with her toys,
Marcus her future Father-in-law if things go well,
thank goodness Stepheny and Hazel came so Rory had one friend
to play with and wasn't stuck with all adults hahaha

Cute Birthday girl shots:

Ok so I love the fact that she's carrying a picture of herself
right after she was born,
so you can SEE the difference a year makes!

And the point you've all been waiting for,
the cake eating bit:

Aunt Haley and Grandpa Bowler stepped in to help
her figure out what to do

Then Grandpa Mills decided to give her
frosting "war paint" hahaha

Chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting ;)

Then came the cleaning process which she did NOT enjoy one bit:

She liked it better once we were out with the people again ;)
And then we opened presents and she got great things!

She got a cell phone from Uncle Trevor that's princesses.
A plane that rolls and sings,
a zoo that sings,
a keyboard that has music and animals that move from GG and Papa.
Some new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Mills.
The Princess chair and fake vacuum form Grandma and Grandpa Bowler.
Puppets and an animal puzzle board from the Ellsworths ;)

And she got these letters for her room
from Uncle Nick and Aunt Emily

I can't wait to hang them up!!!
And that is the party wrap up ;)
Blue's Clues and all ;)

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