08 June 2013

Almost 1!!

Ah life ;)
Sometimes I get a little lonely since it's just me and Rory at home all day long,
but when I have this awesome face to look at,
how could I possibly be lonely??

It's starting to get ridiculously hot here in AZ
so naked baby happens a lot or she gets overheated!
And the curtains stay closed for the most part to keep out the heat
as much as possible but sometimes we just HAVE to open them ;)

I thought now would be a good time for a quick update
(since I missed the 11 month one and she turns 1 in 11 days!!!!!)

 This girl gets 1-2 baths a day depending on her level of messy

And it's her literal favorite time of day!
When she hears the water running she gets so excited!
Drops everything and runs to it haha

This is her excited and happy face hahaha
(also, she's wearing a Juicy Couture track suit - yep.
Courtesy of the-bomb-dot-com Nancy ;) )

LOVES the bean bag at Grandma and Grandpa Bowler's house ;)
She'll throw herself into it and just chill in there forever!

This morning she woke up WAY too early 
but after an hour of trying to get her back to sleep
I gave up and brought her into our room
to try and have her sleep with us.
To no avail,
she was too intrigued by the fan haha

So she played instead ;)
For some reason she LOVES that lid and gets frustrated when she can't
keep it on the box even though SHE'S the one that took it off haha

It's so hard being a baby haha
and right after I shot this:

On the move!

Then we took some Mommy Rory shots
(SUPER informal and not very good,
but to prove I have a better camera than my iPhone ;) )

I love that it's the same face!
Yay there's a little bit of me in there!!

NO more mom!

Ok one more for kicks and giggles ;)

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