28 June 2013

The Cuteness!

I sometimes feel like I should offer more in blogging,
like guest posts of super awesome people,
giveaways (although I do like a good giveaway - don't get me wrong),
etc etc.

But then again, my blog is just about me and my little fam ;)
(and rest assured, I'll still do occasional giveaways,
including my birthday week!)
And since that's my life,
here it is!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE being a SAHM?
And before I continue,
I highly respect working moms, single moms and any and all moms mmmk?
Alright, PC out of the way,
now I can continue.
Now are there days when it's not all rainbows and unicorns?
But overall, I love being the one my baby
runs to for a boo-boo or for a kiss or anything ;)
I was so worried for awhile that Rory would become a mommy's girl,
not that it's a bad thing,
but even mama needs a break every now and then,
but she LOVES her daddy.
She lights up when he walks into the room and gives him kisses
and asks him to hold her ;)
I SOOO need to capture this on a camera!

Picture proof of my daughter's cuteness!!

She LOVES her GG and Papa!
She always has such a good time over there with them,
and she'll do anything for them!
They got her to drink from a sippy cup
(which I still have yet to do)

She loves PB and J's and oatmeal ;)
(and the messes hahaha)

Her GG Bowler made her some pillowcase dresses
for her birthday!!
They're perfect for the AZ heat and she looks so stinkin cute!

Rory loved watching Geniel cut my hair haha
she even decided to squeeze between her legs hilarious!

She loves to walk to the car
(and follow daddy of course)

Yeah she's faking it,
she's a champ fake sleeper ;)

This girl brings me so much happiness and I can't believe I'm this lucky 
to be her mama ;)

27 June 2013

Don't Forget!!

Don't forget friends that next week Google Reader is going away!!

Make sure you stick with me on this crazy life adventure on BlogLovin!!!

See you on the other side!! ;)

22 June 2013

Aurora's First Birthday Party

I wanna thank all of you for wishing Rory
a happy birthday!
She and I spent a fun day together and my mom and brother came over
for a few hours
(mom needed to make cookies and her oven is broken so I gladly volunteered mine!)

Then that night we went to Best Buy so mommy could get this beauty

Ah my friends!!!
The angels sang as they placed it in my hands ;)
Hahaha we've been saving for awhile to get one for me
and then my brother needed a phone cuz he broke his 4S so he bought mine off me 
and I got to upgrade!
We then proceeded to P.F. Chang's for Andrew's birthday dinner
(on Rory's birthday - we like to celebrate on the opposite birthday apparently haha)

My face was the skeptical
"is this forward camera better than my 4??"
^ that's a resounding YES btw ;)

19 June 2013

Baby Turns 1!

Today's the day!!
My Aurora Rose is 1!
Holy dang!
Guys it went SOOO fast!

Let's reflect on what she looked like about a year ago:

Such a little bug!!
And now she's walking, dancing, and still loves to snuggle on my shoulder ;)

So big!
I'm planning to do a whole post of her birthday party we had on Saturday
(along with the date that Andrew and I went on that night for HIS birthday)
but for now I thought I'd give you a sneak peek!

Firstly, the homemade frosting I made all thanks to Jana!!

The paw print cake ;)

Playing with the handy dandy notebook

The leftovers ;)

We also had a dance party at the Mills' on Father's Day
and of course I got it on camera!!

Isn't she a hoot?
And by "she" I mean my sister-in-law of course!

GG and Papa gave her this zoo toy for her birthday
and for the past 3 days it's been constant
"dance like a monkey and laugh out loud" music and dancing hahaha

And yes, it does go everyhwere!
She loves this thing!! Hahaha

So basically, my little Aurora has brought so much love and life
and light into our lives!
I seriously never knew HOW different my life would be once she was here,
and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Happy Birthday little girl!

18 June 2013


Ah Tuesday,
so much better than a Monday but not as nice as a Friday,
nor a Saturday,
and though this week I'm definitely looking forward to Wednesday,
Tuesday I like you so far.

And thus ends the weird "day poem"

But guys seriously,
I woke up this morning feeling pretty a-ok!
Probably because tomorrow my baby turns 1!!!
AND I finally get a brand-new-out-of-the-box-from-the-store iPhone!!
Ok mostly because my baby girl turns 1 ;)

It went by so fast!
Are all the years gonna be like this??
Cuz if so, 
I'm not ok with it hahaha
I mean a year ago today I was miserably still pregnant
and waiting for the hospital to call and say there was a bed available to induce me
(and believe me, I wanted to evict her from my body FAST!)
And then she was here,
a big purple/gray beauty
and she was MINE!
Now she's this tall, beautiful, walking, almost-talking,
giggly, goofball, little girl.
No longer a baby anymore ;) 
It's bittersweet,
but that kind of a post is more meant for tomorrow ;)

So yesterday was Andrew's day off and he went to ASU
to take care of some things
(like changing his major FINALLY and getting his classes squared away)
and it looks like we're closer to being done than we thought!
Only bad thing about that is that then we have to pay back the student loans
yuck but oh well.
Basically what I wanna say is HALLELUJAH the end is in sight!
And it could be sooner than we thought to have an ASU grad ;)
Spanish Linguistics,
ah just hearing it makes me happy haha
No I don't know what he'll do with the degree yet,
but the point is we now have a degree that he likes and can do lots of things here with!

And for now,
I'm signing off cuz I've got a very angry girl yelling at me from the other
room to be let out of her bed hahaha

15 June 2013

Andrew's 24!

Happy Birthday to my main squeeze!
24 never looked so good!

Pre-mission us
(holy young!!)

Engaged us!
(holy long hair on me and clean shaven face for him!)


Just before our first anniversary!

Becoming parents!

January 21, 2013
standing where he proposed exactly 2 1/2 years ago!

Hahahaha this is their relationship ;)

I wanted to show his manliness.
Takes a real man to carry around such a girly bag haha

Love you so much Andrew!
I'm so grateful that you are with me til the end of time
and I'm so happy you chose me to share the adventure with!

14 June 2013

Spread the Love!

Time for more wonderful 
"Spread the Love" on the blogosphere! ;)
I have so many friends that I wanna talk about 
but for now I'll introduce 3 of them to you!

First, Jana from Life Could Be A Dream!

Ok I seriously LOVE this girl ;)
She's always positive and has such a great perspective on life!
She went to culinary school,
so whenever I have a food question I know I can ask her
and she'll give me GREAT advice!
PLUS she makes her own baby food for her Joshua which I think is awesome!
Jana thank you for always looking on the bright side
of life and being so genuine and honest!

Second is Lauren from My Happy Thought!

Isn't she gorgeous?!
And to add more awesomeness, she's a PRINCESS!
Seriously guys!
She has a princess business called Storybook Adventures and they go to events, 
birthday parties, etc and make little girl's dreams come true!
Plus she's got a pretty cute little princess of her own!
If you haven't already, you should like her page on FB!
Thank you Lauren for always making me smile
and for believing that dreams can still come true no matter
what your age!

I just can't get over how beautiful this girl is!
She is all about family, hard work, love, and her two adorable chocolate labs!
She's also an AMAZING photographer!
I actually met Siri through blogging only to discover she was in MY WARD,
but by the time we realized this, she was moving out!
That's what happens when we were stuck in Primary!
I've loved getting to meet her at the #azbloggermeetups we've been having,
and I hope soon to be able to have an excuse to employ her for pictures!
Thank you Siri for showing us the beauty in nature, life, and love!
And for being such a wonderful and caring person!