23 May 2013

South Cackalacky!

So this past weekend (Thurs - Tues) we were in South Carolina
visiting Andrew's uncle and aunt!
So much fun!
It was Rory's first plane ride, my first time in the southeast 
(minus the brief stay in FL during our honeymoon), 
and the first time Andrew got to see them since we've been married!

And let me say this: Rory was AMAZING!!!
She only fussed once on both flights and those were because 
her diaper was very much full,
so really who could blame her right!?
We flew into Atlanta and then drove to Aaron and Chelli's,
which ended up taking way longer than we thought it would 
but we got there eventually
and had tons of fun!

There were game shows watched, songs sung,
fireworks set off, BB guns shot, and lots of good home cookin!
And of course Rory was able to cash in on 
TONS of attention from everyone hahaha
She immediately loved Chelli,
but it took a little while to love on Aaron
but then she would always follow him into the kitchen ;)

In fact, she LOVED having so much space to run around in
and she was really good about not going into places we said
"Rory come back please" to!
She only got into "trouble" a couple times,
although she did test the abilities of her physical body a few times hahaha
my child has no fear I tell you!
She fell off beds, ran into walls, fell into nightstands,
fell onto the floor, etc.
And best part?
She really only cried a little bit then she got over it!!

We had such a great time over there
and I was happy to finally get to know Aaron and Chelli better
(I'd only met Chelli once and Aaron twice before this,
and never as more than Andrew's friend/girlfriend).

It was seriously so pretty there!!

Ok I HAVE to brag about pancakes.
Yes my friends, pancakes!
So my SIL is allergic to dairy.
ALL dairy.
So we wanted to have pancakes but since she can't have milk,
Aaron just said "We'll use almond milk and call it good."
Well at the store we forgot to get Almond milk,
but then Chelli went really early in the morning before any of us were up
and bought some ;)
So we woke up to something smelling delicious!
Oatmeal flour pancakes with almond milk
AND blueberry syrup!
These pancakes seriously changed my life!!
And did I take a picture?!
No.....cuz I was too busy stuffing my face! ;)
And luckily for me, Aaron wrote down the recipe for me
so I can try and recreate them!!
Ahhhhh, I'm salivating just thinking about them!
And don't worry, if I ever get to perfect them,
I'll post about them ;)

new thing Rory decided to do on this trip.
Sleep in OUR bed......
Guys she's NEVER slept with us, like ever,
but on this trip she decided that it was cooler to sleep with us haha
it was fine.
Incredibly Slightly uncomfortable but doable ;)
She also would only nap on the bed surrounded by pillows!
Crazy child!
I'll post pictures from our walk around Centennial Olympic Park
later, Rory woke up so I gotta go take car of bidnez ;)


  1. What a great little vacation! The pancakes sound amazing!

  2. I'm glad you guys had so much fun!!!

    Next stop.... NEBRASKA!!! hahaha

  3. Looks like so much fun! Yay for Rory's first {successful} airplane trip. :)

  4. Fun!!! Sounds like a great time! Congrats on having a totally awesome, non-fussy, traveling child! ;) And you better post them pancakes. Share the love, sista!


  5. oh man, that sleeping picture is so sweet!


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