10 May 2013

Sickness and Graduations!

Oh my friends forgive my crazy absence!
I've been busy and a little sick
- no I'm not pregnant - 

On Tuesday night I had heartburn yet again for a long time,
though not as bad as the last time,
but after being up for 24+ hours I was sick to my stomach
but guess who was the best little girl and loved on her mama?
Oh yeah, my little princess ;)

 She snuggled up against me at one point and actually stayed there for about
15 minutes!
My heart melted ;)

Then last night we went to Haley's ASU graduation!!

After the hike walk to the stadium
(cardigan came off as soon as we sat down)

She loves her grandma ;)

ASU grad!
Now it's Andrew's dang turn hahaha ;)

This is like the best family photo ever!
Well, minus Rory's face of course hahaha

Congrats sis!!


  1. Rory is so cute! I hope you feel better soon! It's so rough when us mamas get sick!!

  2. Heart melting= new cure for heartburn? Sorry you weren't feeling well darlin! :( At least your cute baby was a sweetheart about it! :)


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