30 May 2013

Little Victories

Firstly I want to say thank you for all the well wishes via 
comments, IG, texts, and emails!
So sweet of all of you and I always feel better after that ;)
And so far, so good with no more heartburn incidents!
*fingers crossed*

So one order of business to take care of real quick:
I now have a Google+ and you can follow my blog that way too,
only problem is that apparently by switching to Google+, 
I became a no-reply blogger??
I don't know how this happened and if anyone knows how to fix it 
PLEASE help me!
I LOVE getting replies to my comments!
Also if you're a reader here make sure you're not a no-reply blogger too 
so I can respond to YOUR comments!

Also I want to give a happy birthday shout out to Elise!!
Happy Birthday my friend!!
You are an amazing girl
and I really hope I get to finally meet you soon!
(we need another #slashblog meetup!)

Let's talk about this week's little victories shall we??
I have a few I need to document!

Rory can now hold her own bottle guys!!
Ok she's been able to hold it for months now,
but has refused to do so
(I think she thought I wouldn't cuddle with her anymore)
until I'd had enough and just left her bottle there,
sure enough she grabbed it and was so proud of herself!

We have perfected the 
and blowing kisses!!
We've been working on this for like 3 months and today
she got it!!!
Gave kisses to everyone at my mother's house,
and blew kisses at the cars driving by hahaha

I wanted to document it on here that I have officially cleaned Rory's room!
Guys this is huge hahaha
We pretty much just throw things in there since she really only sleeps 
in her room, the living room is her play area,
so it didn't matter right?
Oh man it was starting to get on my nerves!
Clothes that were too small were beginning to become a mountain,
blankets that are too small were another hill,
blankets that we'd been using for US were making yet another hill,
clean clothes were in their own pile just waiting to be hung up
or put in a drawer, etc.
BUT as of this morning/night,
we can see the floor!
I bought another HUGE box for clothes storage,
finally folded the blankets
(to be determined where they go later)
AND laundry was put away!
I feel sooo much better knowing her room is clean!

Tomorrow I conquer OUR bedroom so I can sleep better hahaha

Did you score any little victories in the past week??


  1. What a good feeling, all those little victories! They are a big deal. :)

  2. We use space saver bags to store our kids clothes. Its so much better than boxes because they take up less room. We can fit 4 bags under the crib because they are so thin. Pretty awesome stuff. Also congrats on all the victories! It always feels good when your baby learns something new and you have a clean house :) I'm hoping my victory this week or two will be to have a BABY! I'm so done being pregnant haha.

  3. Congrats on your victories! I love when small children realize that something they didn't want to do is actually pretty cool. ;)
    One small victory here: I scored a cute set of dinnerware and silverware for 5 bucks at Goodwill today! And packed it all up! Plus a lot of kitchen stuff all ready to be moved! Woohoo! One less thing to pack! :)

  4. Aaaahh!! I can't wait until Mia can blow kisses! I think that's the sweetest!
    I've been hearing lots of problems with comments and switching to google+ Makes me nervous to make the switch!
    Girl, I am praying for you and that heartburn stuff! I hope you don't have any more problems with that!

  5. Congrats on Rory being able to hold a bottle! :) I can't believe she is that big! So glad you are feeling better!


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