30 May 2013

Little Victories

Firstly I want to say thank you for all the well wishes via 
comments, IG, texts, and emails!
So sweet of all of you and I always feel better after that ;)
And so far, so good with no more heartburn incidents!
*fingers crossed*

So one order of business to take care of real quick:
I now have a Google+ and you can follow my blog that way too,
only problem is that apparently by switching to Google+, 
I became a no-reply blogger??
I don't know how this happened and if anyone knows how to fix it 
PLEASE help me!
I LOVE getting replies to my comments!
Also if you're a reader here make sure you're not a no-reply blogger too 
so I can respond to YOUR comments!

Also I want to give a happy birthday shout out to Elise!!
Happy Birthday my friend!!
You are an amazing girl
and I really hope I get to finally meet you soon!
(we need another #slashblog meetup!)

Let's talk about this week's little victories shall we??
I have a few I need to document!

Rory can now hold her own bottle guys!!
Ok she's been able to hold it for months now,
but has refused to do so
(I think she thought I wouldn't cuddle with her anymore)
until I'd had enough and just left her bottle there,
sure enough she grabbed it and was so proud of herself!

We have perfected the 
and blowing kisses!!
We've been working on this for like 3 months and today
she got it!!!
Gave kisses to everyone at my mother's house,
and blew kisses at the cars driving by hahaha

I wanted to document it on here that I have officially cleaned Rory's room!
Guys this is huge hahaha
We pretty much just throw things in there since she really only sleeps 
in her room, the living room is her play area,
so it didn't matter right?
Oh man it was starting to get on my nerves!
Clothes that were too small were beginning to become a mountain,
blankets that are too small were another hill,
blankets that we'd been using for US were making yet another hill,
clean clothes were in their own pile just waiting to be hung up
or put in a drawer, etc.
BUT as of this morning/night,
we can see the floor!
I bought another HUGE box for clothes storage,
finally folded the blankets
(to be determined where they go later)
AND laundry was put away!
I feel sooo much better knowing her room is clean!

Tomorrow I conquer OUR bedroom so I can sleep better hahaha

Did you score any little victories in the past week??

26 May 2013


I hope you all are having a great Memorial Day weekend!
Andrew and I got to see Star Trek on Friday (AWESOME BTW!!!)
and yesterday we went out for breakfast and Rory got her very own plate of pancakes to destroy ;)

Unfortunately, last night around 11 heartburn struck yet again,
so I got online and scheduled an appointment with my dr for Tuesday to see if there's
a better way to battle this.
I end up having to stay up all night cuz I can't get comfortable therefore no sleep,
which then makes me nauseous for the entire next day - no fun.....

But this time was a little more like I had the flu on TOP of heartburn.
Feverish and lots of other fun things.
I felt so disgusting, and when I get sick I'm a total wimp,
like crying from feeling so sick, then laughing at being ridiculous and such.

At about 6 AM when nothing had changed, I ask Andrew for a blessing.
I immediately felt peace and love from both Andrew
 and my Father in Heaven.
After he ended the blessing, he went and got me a new cup of water,
helped me reposition myself with tons of pillows
and at the right angle and I was finally able to rest.
I slept for 2 hours finally, and I'm planning on napping when Rory goes down ;)

I wanted to say how grateful I am for the Priesthood in my life.
And how grateful I am for Andrew being worthy enough
to give me a blessing and give me peace.
And for an amazing husband that is willing to help me hold my hair back
or rub my back during non-fun times ;)

Also, I discovered Sherlock in my long night's vigil!
SOOOO good and I need more on NetFlix!
Love me some !

23 May 2013

South Cackalacky!

So this past weekend (Thurs - Tues) we were in South Carolina
visiting Andrew's uncle and aunt!
So much fun!
It was Rory's first plane ride, my first time in the southeast 
(minus the brief stay in FL during our honeymoon), 
and the first time Andrew got to see them since we've been married!

And let me say this: Rory was AMAZING!!!
She only fussed once on both flights and those were because 
her diaper was very much full,
so really who could blame her right!?
We flew into Atlanta and then drove to Aaron and Chelli's,
which ended up taking way longer than we thought it would 
but we got there eventually
and had tons of fun!

14 May 2013

Spread the Love!

 You guys, my friend Camille had this amazing idea
of publicly expressing the love you have for a couple bloggers you know!
I think it's stupendous!
Also, I read her blog whenever she posts because she's just so cool 
and I want to be her when I grow up!
So without further ado,
my bloggers!!

First is Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure

You guys probably all know how much I love this girl.
We've never been able to meet in person
(countries and now states are in the way)
but she is seriously the BEST friend I have!
I text her about everything and she brings so much happiness and love to my life!
Also, she's stinkin hilarious!
She always has the best advice and sticks up for what she believes in,
and is the most loyal person ever!!
AND she's ready to pop with her little lady and I can't wait to meet her!!
Thank you Alyx dear for being YOU and bringing so much
to the internetz (and my phone)

Next is Jessie from Nelson Notes

This mom is the mom I so wish I could be!
So sweet and always willing to go the extra mile!
She thinks she doesn't do enough sometimes but when you look at her boys' faces,
you KNOW they love her and think she's the bee's knees!!
I also happen to think she's brilliant!
She takes amazing photos that show such life and happiness,
and has those two adorable little boys!!
Thank you Jessie for showing me that even though
my house is a disaster,
if my kids are happy I must be doing something right!

Share your love for some fellow bloggers and link up with Camille!!
(Or if not this month, next month on the 14th is the next one!)

10 May 2013

Sickness and Graduations!

Oh my friends forgive my crazy absence!
I've been busy and a little sick
- no I'm not pregnant - 

On Tuesday night I had heartburn yet again for a long time,
though not as bad as the last time,
but after being up for 24+ hours I was sick to my stomach
but guess who was the best little girl and loved on her mama?
Oh yeah, my little princess ;)

 She snuggled up against me at one point and actually stayed there for about
15 minutes!
My heart melted ;)

Then last night we went to Haley's ASU graduation!!

After the hike walk to the stadium
(cardigan came off as soon as we sat down)

She loves her grandma ;)

ASU grad!
Now it's Andrew's dang turn hahaha ;)

This is like the best family photo ever!
Well, minus Rory's face of course hahaha

Congrats sis!!

07 May 2013

Speak Now linkup and Giveaway!

Ellie Coburn // elliecoburn.com | Ashly Griffith // After nine to five |  Keri-Anne Pink // Gingerlilytea | Franchesca Cox // So this is love | Kristine Foley // The Foley Fam | Lena Baird // Lena B. Actually | Emily // Dashboard Diaries | Cristine // Life with a side of CoffeeShane Prather // Whispering Sweet Nothings | Shantel Cannon // Our Funny Little Family | Heather // Finding Beauty in the Ordinary | Ady // When in Doubt, just add Glitter | Beth Lewis // Through the eyes of the Mrs. | Brooklyn // This Little BlondeCassie Yielding // Live. Laugh. Love | Tamika Rybinski // No Time for Tea | Torie Jochims // Lattes and Love | Laurel Martinez // Heart of Wanderer  | Laura Williams // Lulu's Little Wonderland | Kayli // Truly LovelyAli Mills // Our Happily Ever After |  Jean // What Jean LikesHannah Stocker // All of My days with you | Jen Hallquist // Living a Listful LifeJill Wilhelm // I know the plans I have for you
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06 May 2013

Monday Monday....ba da badadada

Props to everyone that knows what song I just referenced in the title!
Firstly I wanna say thank you to all of you that 
commented on the last post about "Being Moms"!
It was very nice not to get a single hateful comment! ;) I love that!
I believe all moms (and moms-to-be) are gorgeous in their own way.

SO now I'm completely changing trains!
You with me?
All set?
Here we go!

A couple nights ago,
I said to Andrew
"You up for a nighttime swim??"

So we suited up all three of us
and walked over to our apartment pool ;)

Clearly she was excited to go swimming ;)

The water was pretty cold so we took our time,
and she LOVED the splashing ;)

And by the end of the night she was all ready to strike out on her own!

And yesterday she discovered how to climb the couch 
to get to the chair hahaha

Such a big girl!
I don't know where the time went! :(
Next month she turns 1 people!!
Holy dang!!

Happy Monday!