25 April 2013

Ugh, grr, blah!

You know those days when you wake up just grumpy?
And then after you wake things just keep happening
 to make you even more grumpy?
Yeah that's today so far (and it's not even 9 yet!)
BUT then again a lot of this spilled over from last night into this morning.

Yesterday we were getting ready to leave in the morning for "craft day" 
at my mom's house for me and Rory
and Andrew to work, 
when we get a knock on the door at 8:40 from maintenance
wanting to fix our tub that was supposed to be fixed 2 weeks ago!
AND we needed to be gone all day cuz of the repair.
Well....ok no notice or anything but luckily 
we were already going to be gone 
so no harm done right?

We got home around 8:45 last night and our apartment 
REEKED of paint fumes!
I've never smelled anything so strong before
(special tub paint??)
And to make matters worse,
no windows had been left open or anything 
and our bathroom was sealed off

(luckily not the one with the toilet or we would have had some serious issues!)
so apparently this means he has to come back today I'm guessing?
NO notice, no instructions, no nothing.
To say I'm frustrated is an understatement.
Our complex recently was bought by a new company
and since then,
it takes weeks to get anything done,
the maintenance people aren't professionals
(or if they are they need to smell and look better than they do
and should speak English)
and when I called about the problem all I got was
"Let me take down your number and name and we'll call you back
with updates" and days go by.
I don't mind that it took longer than they said it would,
what's bugging me is the lack of notice
and the mess we came home to.
The guy told us just to take out the stuff in the tub.
Alright NBD did that.
Came home and he had moved a bunch of stuff
around (I'm guessing for room for his equipment)
and didn't put it back,
left things in the middle of floors for me to trip on cuz I didn't know they were there
and he had apparently used our toilet......ewwwwww.....

Yeah I'm ready for a new place........
Oh and for even more fun I woke up this morning 
to this beauty mark

Gorgeous no?
Yeah me, Rory, and my lovely lip are gonna be
paying our office a nice visit this morning once it opens.



  1. So sorry! That really is scrappy service. Here's to a better afternoon.

  2. You don't know me and I just happened upon your blog.... I manage an apartment complex in Mesa... They have to give you atleast 48hours notice to enter your home....


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