01 April 2013

That one time I thought I was pregnant again...

Basically I was over 2 weeks late for ya know,
and the panic had started to set in.

"Another baby so soon??"
"I'm on the freaking pill!!!! This isn't supposed to happen!"
"I'm not ready for another one yet!"

Then this morning,
ya know what came.

I have never been so happy for its debut!

I want another baby,
but not quite yet!

April Fool's Day huh?

Well played body, well played.


  1. Ah! I feel like I get overly paranoid that I could be pregnant all the time now that I have a baby already, because there is no way I'm ready for another!

  2. haha Thats pretty funny how that worked out!

  3. you'd deal with it okay if it had been positive! ;)
    but whew! what a time to get confirmation that you werent! the timing is quite incredible!

  4. How stressful!!!! Glad it all worked out!


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