08 April 2013

Rory's Smashbook

So the lovely and adorable Mrs Emma
introduced me to the awesomeness that is the Smashbook.

When she first started talking about it,
I thought she meant those tear away journals,
which, to me, are pretty pointless since you throw stuff away......

But then she explained that they're more like a scrapbook but there's no wrong way to do it.
(You all know that there IS a wrong way to scrapbook,
and I have MASTERED the wrong way hahaha)
I was intrigued so I went to the site and investigated.

And I fell in love!
SOOOO easy and if you buy the kits everything is there for you!
(I'm not scrapbook inclined hence why I bought the kit,
but Emma had stuff already so she didn't have to buy the whole thing,
just FYI)
I ended up ordering one for Rory,
as a baby/advice book for her to get later in life
(haven't quite decided when yet)
and one for Andrew and me since I've done NOTHING since we've been married.
I know, I am ashamed....

Then Emma told me about Printstagram!
Have y'all heard about this?!
Prints your Instagram pictures and has $7 as a flat rate for shipping
and taxes included!
I had been trying to figure out the best way to print these without
costing me an arm and a leg,

So I love this and if it sounds like something you'd like
go look into it!
You don't have to order the stuff from the website!
Target, Joann's, or even Micheal's has them!
AND all the supplies are really cheap if you look in the right places ;)

Without further ado,
I give you

My supplies first ;)
(Shutterfly does GREAT prints just FYI and they do deals
every so often - like these were 101 free prints just had to pay $7 for shipping)

 I'm planning on doing these for all my kids,
so the labels help ;)

This is the Smashbook mantra.

I love these lettered pages!
Although they only go up to "C"....

Just in case my in-laws see this,
I JUST got the prints back with you guys and Rory
so your pages will be done soon!!


Our little Sleeping Beauty ;)

I wrote this note the day after she took her first steps,
just a little something from mom ;)

I'm very proud of this page because it took a lot of sifting through pictures 
to find the ones of Rory and Andrew hahaha

And Andrew has said that he wants to write her notes too
(if I can just get him to sit down and write one hahaha)

So what do you think??
I realized later that I had copies of the same pictures
which actually turns out ok cuz I need to fill
her other baby book that's an actual scrapbook ;)


  1. That looks incredible! You make it look so easy. Rory will love this someday. All those personal notes? Wow.

  2. I've been seeing Emma post about the Smashbook for awhile and I keep wanting to go get one. NOW you've completely convinced me! haha and print your instagrams? Score!

  3. Ahh okay you've ALMOST convinced me to try this thing.


  4. Ali!!! I love it! And I love that your using it as a letter writing/advice book too! Such a good idea!! :) Yay!! Smashbooks are the coolest! Haha.

  5. Oh my word! These are just too cute! Now I'm debating turning my baby's baby book into a smash book or just ordering one from that site. Yours looks amazing!

  6. I love the baby book idea!! I want to do one for my little miss after she gets here now!

  7. hello new friend! i'm new to your site, and loving it so far :) can't wait to read more!

  8. I've been trying to figure out if I can print my insta's! YAY!! And I am thinking I need a smash book for Mia. And now that you mention it... for me and Eric too! I haven't done ANYTHING since we've been married either, ha ha! So glad I'm not the only one :)


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