26 April 2013

Kid #2

As you all know,
Rory is the only grandchild right now and since she's getting so big,
there's been some teasing about a second kid and when they're coming.
*and let me say now that I'm NOT pregnant, I've just been thinking about this a lot*

I've been thinking a lot about the second kid.
Cuz we do want one and I'd love to snuggle a tiny newborn again,
new baby smell is my second favorite (freshly bathed babe is the favorite).
I'm also TERRIFIED of having a second one.
What if I get so caught up with Rory that I "forget" the new one?
Or vice versa?
Will one get neglected because of the other?
Now I also know that these are slightly ridiculous questions 
and that "millions of women have done it before" blah blah.
But to be honest, I'm a little worried about it.

But then it will so GOOD for Rory to have to share her spotlight.
Right now she KNOWS she's the center of attention,
there's no competition!
So it'd be good for her to have someone else to share it with ;)
Plus she'd have someone to play with.

We live in a ward where it's very transient
(we have over 10 apartment complexes, 5 condos, and like a bunch of mobile homes)
which is fine, but the moment you make friends,
the next week they're gone.
taking their kids with them.
Rory has no one her age.
She's got younger than her ones and older than her ones,
which is all fun and games but she doesn't connect with them very well.
But ya know what?
We're just gonna keep trying and hope that someday she'll have a little friend.
Maybe nursery will do that for her (not til December though ugh)

But anyways back to kid #2.
I still want some time with Rory before I'm crazy and pregnant again,
so it'll be a little while before we're expecting.
Everything is moving so fast I just want to push a pause button!
So while I can I'm just gonna soak in my Rory girl time
and when the second one comes
(whenever that may be)
we'll take it one day at a time ;)


  1. Preach it, girl!

    I completely agree with you. When YOU'RE ready, it'll happen. I've just learned to trust in God & his timing, that way, when a babes comes, I k now it's right!


  2. You are a perfectly normal good mama! I had many of the same fears--even after my second baby was born! But like millions of other moms, you just do it and it all works out just fine. :) I think God gives us lots of leighway, it's all a part of the plan.

    My two cents: there's no hurry for babies. Take it one at a time, one day at a time. Someday that whisper to have a second one will become a yell and you'll know! (I did not want a second baby when Jed was around 12 months, but by 15 months I was ready, and 18 months prego again. I wonder what will be right for you?)

  3. I think all moms worry about how the first will react and adjust to second babies, I know I did! But the day my second son was born and I saw the way my oldest (who turned 2 weeks before) looked at him with admiration, I knew it was alright. Now two years later (and with another on the way) they are the best of friends and my heart has plenty of room for them both. And those fears have not returned with #3!

    New to your blog and look forward to following along!


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