02 April 2013

Housework + Baby

Ok I know,
2 posts in the same day is like a no-no but still I had to post about this.

So I just re-read this post I wrote in July.
Oh how times have changed hahaha
When we first brought Rory home,
I had it in my head that I needed to do everything: 
laundry, dishes, cooking (BAHAHAHA), and all the general housework,
PLUS the stuff I wanted to do like: blog, read, craft, etc.

Well she's almost a year now (Guys, she's 10 months on the 19th!!)
and I'm lucky if I get a shower hahaha,
let alone laundry folded and such.
There's a pile of clean laundry on the floor in our room, 
Rory's room is a mess,
I don't even wanna talk about the kitchen table,
(what kitchen table - I haven't seen the top of it for weeks)
dishes are done though!
And we all know that I don't normally do the cooking anyway.
(I will start doing more mmmk, I'm just milking it while I can ;) )

I'm really looking forward to Thursday when I have a whole day to myself
to organize and make me feel better about the apartment.

Has anyone else had this happen?
At the beginning you feel like you've got it all under control, 
then you wake up one day realizing NOTHING is in its place anymore?? 


  1. Yes, I know EXACTLY how it goes. Haha. It gets even worse with a second one. Things are clean enough and we are happy living with toys scattered everywhere. It's a good life.

    PS I'd freak if I thought I was prego again so soon too!

  2. Yes! I feel just like this.


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