12 April 2013

Days Gone By

Thank you all so much for the nice words 
and compliments about Rory's Smashbook!
I really do owe it all to Emma, since she was the first one I saw using one ;)
I do enjoy working on it,
AND I'm finishing up my Disneyland scrapbook from our January trip!
I'm excited! I admit that I am not the best scrapbooker in the world,
but thanks to some fun Smashbook accessories
I've gotten a little better ;)
And don't worry, 
I'll post some pages from our scrapbook once it's finished!

And I'm sorry I've been MIA,
but I've been busy snuggling (when she'll let me)
and playing with the cuteness ;)

I mean look at that grin!!
All 6 teeth ;)

We play "try-to-catch-mommy-from-the-inside-of-the-playpen"

Mwahahaha although she's getting so fast that this game is almost obsolete.

She talks to her princesses in her book

I love when she talks to the books ;)
Sometimes she even points to the words too
as she's talking!

She's taken to loungin in the carseat hahaha
It's my favorite when she does this and falls asleep!

Practicing our giggle and walking!
She walks a lot of the time now but never for very long,
6 steps at the most which is fine with me ;)

She LOVES the theme song to Good Luck Charlie
and dances to it every time
but when we put the camera on her she falls to her butt
and kinda dances

My Blanket Baby Burrito (BBB for short)
She did this mostly on her own!

Yesterday Little Miss had to get some blood drawn
for a lead test (routine thing, nbd)
but I didn't know they'd take it from her arm!!
I sent Andrew in there with her cuz I'm not strong enough to hold
her down when she's struggling haha
and this was how she looked afterwards :(
It was naptime, she had been screaming, and she hurt :(
Once we got home, I rocked her and she fell asleep on my shoulder.
I didn't have the heart to put her down so she slept on me
for about 45 minutes ;)
Tender moments friends ;)

She turns 10 months next week!!!
I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us ;)


  1. You have a beautiful baby, my dear!

  2. I seriously can't believe how big/old she's getting! It's crazy!

  3. She's growing so much every time you share photos! Love that she loves to read!!!

  4. Hi Ali! Cute blog and your little Aurora is adorable! Oh, and I'm a sucker for your husbands name. Obvs... it's my sons name! :) Can't wait to look around the blog more!


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