30 April 2013

Being Moms

I've been reading of blogs about life post pregnancy
(aka with baby) and how hard it is and how 
we moms keep comparing ourselves to each other.
Now I will admit that it's true.

I've compared myself to moms that are breastfeeding, have 2 cars,
and have gym memberships with daycare and made myself feel awful
for not being more fit, lithe, and "fitting into my skinny high school jeans".
You know, those ones that have it all together.
And seriously, I think it's awesome that they do!
I'm just not.

I wasn't able to breastfeed.
(I'm debating trying something new to try 
and get the milk in for the second kid - 
but ultimately it's MY decision)
And I'm not making it up, the women in my family weren't able to breastfeed,
and I tried but decided that my feeding baby was more important
than me being the provider of the food.
That what MY decision, I highly respect all the mothers that nurse!

I've never been good at losing weight.
Quite frankly, I love chocolate and exercising when I have to, 
makes me hate it therefore I don't (very often) hahaha.
We only have one car so a going to a gym
(not to mention paying for one) 
is just not in the cards for us.
BUT I'm also not a slovenly person just sitting here on a couch 
eating ice cream all day,
or chips or junk food all day all the time.
I've been eating better, I play with Rory all the time which now that she's walking,
includes some throwing into the air and such ;)

I've come to terms with my body as it is,
and how it works.
I've never been a tiny girl,
always been more on the stocky side
and it's ok.
Now does this mean that I don't want to keep myself healthy?
Absolutely not!
But I refuse to drive myself crazy comparing myself to the others
that had babies around the same time I did
and went back to their pre-pregnancy selves when their bodies
and mine work differently ;)
I hear breastfeeding is a huge weight loss help,
so to the moms that can YOU ROCK!
And for those of us that can't for whatever reason,
we're not broken, bad mothers, etc.
We're just different and it's ok.

As for me, I've just decided that for now,
I'm gonna get a few new things to wear to make me feel
more like me
and later when the weight seems to be dropping,
then I can go back to what I already have.
But I honestly have mostly gotten over the 
"you're one of the fat moms"
because I'm still Rory's mom and she loves me for who I am,
not how I look ;)

DO forgive me if I sound a little off,
I'm working off some negative energy here hahaha

P.S. If you can, go show my friend Alexis some love?
She's having a rough day today :(


  1. I love this post and how accepting and encouraging it is of ALL moms. We're all just doing the best we can, and it is enough.

  2. How great it is that you have accepted yourself. That is so hard to do! And I think that is what motherhood/life is all about: finding the beauty in our own lives and constantly striving to be better. Wish we could meet up someday!


    I love you. Kay bye!!!

  4. Rock on!! I too have never been a tiny girl and life after baby hasn't changed that... but it's okay!

  5. Great post. We all have little insecurities from constantly comparing ourselves to other moms/women from time-to-time. You look great, and you're right--your baby girl doesn't care what you look like! Thank goodness..who wants to dress to impress their own kids? ;)

  6. I LOVED this post! It's funny how even as a somewhat vain teenager I never looked at my mom or my friend's moms as "fat" or skinny. I looked at them as "funny/sweet/endearing/a great cook/etc."

    I love girls with self esteem who boost others- thanks for being one of them Alli!

  7. Way to vent friend! We all need to once in awhile! And anyone who judges you for anything needs to take a sharp look at themselves first! You are an awesome mommy!!!

  8. I pretty much think you're insanely awesome. :) And girl, I still haven't quite gotten all the way back to my pre-pregnancy weight. So I'm with ya! It's just hard to do all of the things you want to when you have a baby. Sure, we would all love to have hot bodies, a clean, Pinterest worthy home, etc., but at the end of the day your baby comes first. Sometimes the things we want for ourselves fall by the wayside for now. And that's okay. Your an amazing mom to Rory, because you put her first. And we all know that. :) You rock.

  9. Good perspective! I think we all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves. We just have to remember we all have our own struggles and some might not be obvious to others looking in, but they are just as real. We are all doing the best we can, and that is all that matters! Motherhood is too amazing and too great to spend it worrying about things that don't truly matter.

  10. Yep. The way I see it, if you're taking care of your kid and taking care of yourself, you're a good mom. Period. Doesn't matter how you do it, as long as everyone's healthy and happy, right?

    Also, I love this: "We're just different and it's ok." Amen and amen.

  11. I never realized that becoming a mother would give more reasons for people to judge me, or more fuel for me to compare myself (and mothering abilities) to others. Sometimes it is SO hard to be a woman, ha ha. But you are RIGHT! We are each perfect in our own way! As long as we are doing our best, that's what matter most! And I know you're the best mama, your Rory is always SO happy!

  12. What a beautifully written post! You ARE beautiful just the way you are. And don't you forget it ;) Kudos to having the courage to doing the right thing for you and Rory, no matter what anyone else says.

  13. This is the kind of attitude I am constantly striving for and constantly failing at. I try everyday to accept myself, and yet that acceptance is still so elusive. It makes me sad because it's. not the attitude I want to project or model. I guess I'm just a bit off tonight as well.


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