05 April 2013

5 Facts

Linking up again with the lovely Mrs Megan ;)
(I almost typed Miss, but she's maried so....anyways)

5 Super Star Fun Facts

1. I've been to Hawaii once - hopefully more times in the future - for a family reunion
(my grandma grew up there cuz my great-grandparents were labor missionaries
there building the PCC and BYU-Hawaii and the La'ie Temple)
and we met President Monson and Elder Hales
(and President Monson told my brother that he looked forward to signing his mission papers-
which 6 years later, HE DID!)

For you Mormons, this guy is the dad in Johnny Lingo that says
"Mahana you ugly!" -
yep, he totally knows my grandma!

2. I've always been a homebody,
but not very domestic hahaha
I'm working on that now - ya know, making dinner and such.

3. I LOVE doing things for other people!
I'm no Chrissy but she makes me want to be better!
I fully believe in "what goes around, comes around" 
plus the Savior said
"When you're in the service of your fellow beings you are in the service of your Lord"
(slightly paraphrased cuz I can't find the scripture!)
Taking dinners, babysitting, giving gifts, etc.
It just makes me happy ;)

4. I've always daydreamed about being stopped by a stranger
and asked to do a voice in a cartoon!
(preferably John Lasseter for a Pixar movie - or anyone for any Disney movie,
but I'm not picky ;) )
I know, crazy but true,
I LOVE cartoons and I think being a voice would be sooo much fun!

5. I've always wanted to be a SAHM
but sometimes I struggle with being stuck in the apartment day after day
with "not much to do"
 (there is stuff but nothing ever fun hahaha)
Hence my Smashbook obsession-
post to come soon!

Go link up with Megan cuz she's awesome ;)

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