23 April 2013

20 Wishes Update!

SO time again for another update on our Twenty Wishes!
Again this month I didn't do as much as I wanted to BUT I"m working on things
as much as possible.

1. Make a Minky blanket for Rory.
2. Learn to use my sewing machine. - my mom and I have a few projects lined up to do!
3. Take cookies to our neighbors.
4. Buy a pair of heels!
5. Go on a date with my husband once a month! - so far so good!!
6. Do a Disney movie marathon! - I'm partially into one!
7. Cook dinner once a week.
8. Sew a skirt!
9. Finish my wedding scrapbook! - again, halfway done.
I took a break form that scrapbook cuz I couldn't take it anymore hahaha
and I was Smashbooking and Disney scrapbooking ;)
10. Make fudge - the right way!
11. Go on family walks.
12. Buy something from Groupon. - I'm just waiting for the right thing to pop up.
13. Make a "memory board".
14. Make a headband for myself. - and I made some for Rory too ;)
15. Have (or go to) a blogger weekend somewhere. - So I
don't ever know about blogger weekend meetups,
anyone have one that I HAVE to go to?
16. Buy a fancy dress!
17. Buy myself a nice, pretty watch. - I'm on the lookout, anyonehave any suggestions?
18. Find a pen pal!
19. Get out of the apartment at least once a month,
without the baby. - so far it's happened every month!
20. Make Christmas ornaments for our friends and family
one year instead of cards.

I promise I'll work on more as the new month comes!!


  1. It looks like you are doing great on your wish list!

  2. You're really on a roll!!! And glad to hear your continuing wishes (like getting out of the house) are going well!

    Kassi @ Truly Lovely


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