18 March 2013


Around these parts, Andrew and Rory have been sick.
Coughing, fevers, puke, the whole enchilada.
I was doing so great til 2 days ago and now I have the sore throat,
little bit of coughing, and this morning: earache!
My first earache ever might I add.

And I want you to know how annoying this is,
we had planned to go to a big FHE get-together tonight 
with grown up friends (and their kids),
and now we can't go cuz we might get the other kids sick........

I am bummed.

And annoyed at my body.
And at Andrew's bronchitis.
And at Rory's cough medicine.

The end.


  1. Its so hard when the whole family is sick! Good luck. I hope everyone gets better soon.

  2. i'm sick too, :(
    praying i dont get Jace sick, because he is like the WORST ever sick person.

    feel better!!

  3. Gah! Being sick is the WORST! I was sick last week and now Race and Holland are sick. It sounds like we haven't been as sick as you guys though. Praying for you all! No fun! Especially when you miss out on fun stuff! I'm just glad Race got sick the day after his birthday!


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