30 March 2013

Pics to prove things

Yay more pictures!
I'm gonna have my amazing techie dad look at my iPhoto and figure out 
what the heck is wrong with it but for now here are some pics to prove what I said 
a couple of days ago hahaha

She really loves those Ritz crackers ;)

Also my mom made us an "I Spy" quilt as a complete surprise!
I knew she was making one for my brother and his wife
cuz they go on picnics all the time,
but I had no idea she was doing one for us! 
So sweet!!

Yeah I put it in the playpen cuz then there's an extra layer for Rory
when she falls on her butt hahahaha

I've also been Smashbooking!
If you haven't heard of Smashbooks,
don't feel like you're out of the loop cuz I JUST found out about them!
Emma actually introduced them to me through IG
and her blog.
And I fell in love with this idea.
Rory already has an official leather bound scrapbook,
so I decided that her Smashbook would be a combo
of baby pictures of her first year 
and notes/letters from me (and Andrew if he wants) to her.
Ideally I'd like to put pictures in throughout her life but I take so dang many,
there definitely aren't enough pages for that hahaha
I'm planning on doing this for all my kids
(hopefully I actually will!)
I also got a separate book for me and Andrew since I've 
documented nothing since we got married
(other than here on the blog of course)
so it'll be a good project for me!

And there ya have it!
Hope you all have a great weekend
and have a Happy Easter!!

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