27 March 2013


I'm sorry it's been awhile since I posted but to be honest,
nothing really of excitement has happened around here hahaha

And to add insult to injury,
my iPhoto for some reason won't let me drag my photos out so I can post them!
So this will have to be a pictureless post 
(and now I'm sure I've lost some people - don't blame you!)

Hahahaha anyways,
happenins so far:
- I got a new diaper bag from Wild Sprout Design
(won it from The Chirping Moms)
and I love it!
- Rory is a smidgen away from walking!
She's taken a couple steps here and there,
so pretty soon here I'm gonna have a complete walker!
- got our pictures taken by the lovely Chrissy who's amazing 
anyways, then you add that she let Rory model for her shop 
AND let her keep the headbands, so sweet!
- decided to be grown ups and get our own NetFlix
instead of mooching off my parents hahaha
- Rory FINALLY started chewing on things!!
Guys this is huge - she never put things in her mouth
which is great for like cords and stuff,
but that also included food unless it was on a spoon.
Now she eats crackers and bread,
and today she tried a strawberry bite and a grape,
she's not sure how she felt about the fruits hahaha

And that's about it for us now guys,
hopefully something exciting will happen soon
(and my iPhoto will start working again........)

P.S. If you wanna see a preview of Chrissy's pictures of us
go HERE!


  1. Ooh! I'm excited to see your pictures!

  2. What what?! So excited they will be up tonight!!!! yay!!! :) Youre so stinkin sweet :)

  3. LOVE the family pictures!! :] And I can't believe Rory is so close to talking and walking! SO CRAZY! These babies are growing up much too fast!

  4. Can't wait to see the pictures! How crazy she's almost walking!!


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