01 March 2013


Can I just tell you that I'm BEYOND ready to be done
with the frustration of being stuck in situations?!
It's like Andrew and I are in this point in our lives where we're just stuck,
we can't move forward unless this, this, this, this falls into place,
plus this or this or this. 
Ya know what I mean?

Now hold up,
I don't mean in our marriage/love life/parenting mmmk?
I mean just real life stuff.
We're happy in marriage, love, and Rory hahaha
Just wanted to make that clear!

We have all of this potential to move forward 
but the world is getting in the way.
It's just frustrating.
I'm trying not to get discouraged but there are times when I just
wanna give up and not even bother anymore.
But then, what good would that do?
So we just keep trying
and hopefully soon we'll be able to ;)

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  1. I'm sorry, Ali. That is a NEVER fun situation & it's so hard to stay positive. You're stuck for a reason. Keep pressing on! You got dis.


  2. Ali,

    I get it. We were there in 2010-2011. We were job bouncing...apartment hopping, and feeling like we werent getting anywhere in life.
    2012 was much better for us, but we still are struggling with a few things: money (of course), getting Jace started in school, and the big obvious one of going through fertility treatments to get pregnant.

    Dont worry. Heavenly Father DOES in fact have a plan...and its a pain waiting for everything to line up JUST right...but when it happens you'll be grateful for everything that brought you to that point!

    Chin up sweetie! Thinking of you guys.


  3. Being stuck is frustrating. That's when you just have to take a leap of faith and pray for the best :) You guys will be alright in the end!

  4. :( I'm sorry to hear that! At least all the MOST important things (i.e. marriage and baby) are going well!

    I hope you guys get "unstuck" very soon!

  5. I know how you feel! We sometimes feel stuck because we're both in school, can't have kids, etc. but I know it will get better one day and that's what gets me through! Hang in there, girl.

  6. I keep reminding myself we are just starting out and that makes me feel better when I have those moments of frustration. We are trying to get my hubby through school and figure out how I can stop working once baby #2 comes at the same time. It's best to do what you can and focus on the things that are working out. Like your wonderful family :) hope you get out of the rut soon!!s it was cool seeing you at the temple last night.

  7. Totally know that feeling. It's how I felt the whole time we were trying to get into a house. It drove me crazy. Hope things simply get better and brighter for you! :)


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