10 March 2013


I haven't linked for these in a long time haha
Alyx forgive me ;)

1. I've been super cranky the past couple days due to lack of sleep
since both Andrew and Rory have been sick and coughing all night long.

2. I've tried to just keep my mouth shut since I was cranky hahaha

3. I still don't believe my brother got married on THURSDAY!

4. I can't believe this week is finally over and we get to start a new one!

5. My toenails are still painted Christmas colors.....

6. I'm trying to be better about what I eat, but am struggling so hard
to try and keep Rory and me on a schedule....

7. I no longer have to take Prilosec unless I know I'm gonna eat something 
that might mess with me later! 
Raise the roof!!

8. On Friday I carried in 8 bags of groceries and a box of diapers
through the flooded sidewalk in flip flops and rain,
that was fun....

9. This week apparently is Spring Break and all I want to go on vacation,
oh well!

10. All I want for today is a nap ;)


  1. I'm sorry you've been tired and had the sickies in your house! No fun :( Eating healthy is SO hard to start, but it gets easier. Small steps in the right direction make a difference :) I'm no expert by any means, but I read a lot, so if you want any tips, email me.

  2. Don't you wish we got Spring Break in the real world? I do...


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