19 March 2013

9 Months

So Little Miss Rory Princess is 9 months old today!!

Say WHA?!

She's soooo close to walking - she's already assisted walking and crawling like a pro,
I can't WAIT til she starts walking too!
Although I totally want her to talk first,
then I wouldn't have to talk to myself til Andrew gets home hahaha

To celebrate she got her second french fry, part of an onion ring,
some bread, a tiny bit of a Thin Mint, plus her carrots, green beans, and apples hahaha

She loves to tackle anyone within 2 feet of her.
"Mamamamamamamama" is her distress call
and "tadatada" is her excited word.
(goes back and forth between t's and d's)
She loves playing with her toys in her playpen
(unless she's hungry or poopy, then forget it)
She's BEYOND fast!
She can get from our bedroom to the living room in like .5 seconds!
I turn around and she's gone!
(hence the playpen)
She's still not holding her bottle though......
honestly can't get her to do it AT ALL!
My DAD got her to do it for about 5 minutes hahaha
She also doesn't quite get the whole chewing thing,
regardless of the 6 teeth she has already.
But she's getting a bit better about sucking on things and practicing chewing ;)
 She's also a natural drummer!

Uncle Nick handed her his drum sticks and she started drumming them
holding them correctly and everything!

Happy 9 months baby girl! ;)

P.S. Is there anything cuter than baby prune toes!?

Nope, there really isn't ;)


  1. She sounds like a hoot! Happy 9 months!

  2. I can't believe she is nine months! Time is flying by much too fast for my liking! She definitely sounds like a fun, active baby! Happy nine months sweet Rory girl!!!


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