22 March 2013

5 Fun Facts

So the lovely Megan does Super Star 5 Fun Facts
on Fridays ;)
So I decided to do my first one today!

1. I was co-copy editor for my high school yearbook junior and senior year 
with my friend Kayde

2. I've always wanted to be a dancer but my lack of rhythm
and inability to stay on beat has made that dream stay in dreamland
which is ok, that's why I have a daughter that hopefully can learn to dance ;)

3. I've been to New York twice - once for my senior trip 
and then again for my brother's senior trip.
I've also seen at least 7 shows ON Broadway thanks to these trips
(maybe more, I'm starting to lose my memory hahaha)


Top of the Empire State Building in 2009!

4. I had a crush on the same guy through junior high and high school.
Ah heartbreak! Hahahaha

5. When I graduated I signed on to be an ambassador for MCC
(yeah, yeah community college, but still I got free stuff)
And apparently MCC never updates their pictures cuz my
brother who's in high school right now got this in the mail

Yep! There I am!
The ambassadors were disbanded after about 2 months
which was my entire life in the spotlight hahaha

Go link up with Megan!
Plus she's just awesome!


  1. I feel bad. The years I was there and was an ambassador were amazing. But after we left, the advisors who were amazing also left...and thus ended the ambassadors. Sorry love!

  2. I was yearbook Editor my senior year too! I had a blast with it!

  3. haha!!! Oh my gosh the ambassador comment how they still use that picture. Hilarious! Also, my friend is totally a poster child for MCC and she was there for a semester or something but her face is everywhere still, haha! Classic. And I'm INCREDIBLY jealous that you got to see so many Broadway shows!! Ugh! That's my dream. Like seriously. In high school I made plans to audition but of course never did. So so awesome!

    And I totally had a crush on the same guy throughout junior high and high school. And in college when he got home form his mission! I don't think I ever told him though (except once in 7th grade but still liked him after that too) but totally thought we would end up together. Apparently not... haha.

    Love reading your facts!! Thanks for linking up! :)


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