30 March 2013

Pics to prove things

Yay more pictures!
I'm gonna have my amazing techie dad look at my iPhoto and figure out 
what the heck is wrong with it but for now here are some pics to prove what I said 
a couple of days ago hahaha

She really loves those Ritz crackers ;)

Also my mom made us an "I Spy" quilt as a complete surprise!
I knew she was making one for my brother and his wife
cuz they go on picnics all the time,
but I had no idea she was doing one for us! 
So sweet!!

Yeah I put it in the playpen cuz then there's an extra layer for Rory
when she falls on her butt hahahaha

I've also been Smashbooking!
If you haven't heard of Smashbooks,
don't feel like you're out of the loop cuz I JUST found out about them!
Emma actually introduced them to me through IG
and her blog.
And I fell in love with this idea.
Rory already has an official leather bound scrapbook,
so I decided that her Smashbook would be a combo
of baby pictures of her first year 
and notes/letters from me (and Andrew if he wants) to her.
Ideally I'd like to put pictures in throughout her life but I take so dang many,
there definitely aren't enough pages for that hahaha
I'm planning on doing this for all my kids
(hopefully I actually will!)
I also got a separate book for me and Andrew since I've 
documented nothing since we got married
(other than here on the blog of course)
so it'll be a good project for me!

And there ya have it!
Hope you all have a great weekend
and have a Happy Easter!!

29 March 2013

My New Bag!

Ok I figured out a way (not super efficient) to get some pictures!!


Anyways so here's my diaper bag I won from The Chirping Moms

I absolutely love it!
It fit everything we needed for just everyday use
(obviously not for other days when we're gone for more than one)
Lisa was super sweet and asked me if I wanted a specific color for the inside
and I said that I loved red and black
(plus I thought either one of those would look great with it!)
and she used both!!

Who doesn't love getting fun new bags??
And who knows, this could turn into Mommy's purse mwahaha

Yeah I said it.
She freaking WALKED!
Did I get it on camera?
Has she done it since?

But it happened so now we start practicing!!

27 March 2013


I'm sorry it's been awhile since I posted but to be honest,
nothing really of excitement has happened around here hahaha

And to add insult to injury,
my iPhoto for some reason won't let me drag my photos out so I can post them!
So this will have to be a pictureless post 
(and now I'm sure I've lost some people - don't blame you!)

Hahahaha anyways,
happenins so far:
- I got a new diaper bag from Wild Sprout Design
(won it from The Chirping Moms)
and I love it!
- Rory is a smidgen away from walking!
She's taken a couple steps here and there,
so pretty soon here I'm gonna have a complete walker!
- got our pictures taken by the lovely Chrissy who's amazing 
anyways, then you add that she let Rory model for her shop 
AND let her keep the headbands, so sweet!
- decided to be grown ups and get our own NetFlix
instead of mooching off my parents hahaha
- Rory FINALLY started chewing on things!!
Guys this is huge - she never put things in her mouth
which is great for like cords and stuff,
but that also included food unless it was on a spoon.
Now she eats crackers and bread,
and today she tried a strawberry bite and a grape,
she's not sure how she felt about the fruits hahaha

And that's about it for us now guys,
hopefully something exciting will happen soon
(and my iPhoto will start working again........)

P.S. If you wanna see a preview of Chrissy's pictures of us
go HERE!

22 March 2013

5 Fun Facts

So the lovely Megan does Super Star 5 Fun Facts
on Fridays ;)
So I decided to do my first one today!

1. I was co-copy editor for my high school yearbook junior and senior year 
with my friend Kayde

2. I've always wanted to be a dancer but my lack of rhythm
and inability to stay on beat has made that dream stay in dreamland
which is ok, that's why I have a daughter that hopefully can learn to dance ;)

3. I've been to New York twice - once for my senior trip 
and then again for my brother's senior trip.
I've also seen at least 7 shows ON Broadway thanks to these trips
(maybe more, I'm starting to lose my memory hahaha)


Top of the Empire State Building in 2009!

4. I had a crush on the same guy through junior high and high school.
Ah heartbreak! Hahahaha

5. When I graduated I signed on to be an ambassador for MCC
(yeah, yeah community college, but still I got free stuff)
And apparently MCC never updates their pictures cuz my
brother who's in high school right now got this in the mail

Yep! There I am!
The ambassadors were disbanded after about 2 months
which was my entire life in the spotlight hahaha

Go link up with Megan!
Plus she's just awesome!

20 March 2013

20 Wishes Update!

Time for a link up update on our Twenty Wishes!
I feel kinda bad cuz I haven't worked on much
this month since all the sickness has been rampant in my home - roar!
BUT I have more projects and things ready to go once I have time to do them! ;)

1. Make a Minky blanket for Rory.
2. Learn to use my sewing machine. - my mom and I have a few projects lined up to do!
3. Take cookies to our neighbors.
4. Buy a pair of heels!
5. Go on a date with my husband once a month! - so far so good!!
6. Do a Disney movie marathon! - I'm partially into one!
7. Cook dinner once a week.
8. Sew a skirt!
9. Finish my wedding scrapbook! - again, halfway done
10. Make fudge - the right way!
11. Go on family walks.
12. Buy something from Groupon. - I'm just waiting for the right thing to pop up.
13. Make a "memory board".
14. Make a headband for myself. - and I made some for Rory too ;)
15. Have (or go to) a blogger weekend somewhere.
16. Buy a fancy dress! - I'm waiting for it to come in the mail!!
17. Buy myself a nice, pretty watch. - I'm on the lookout, anyonehave any suggestions?
18. Find a pen pal! - I may have even found two!!
19. Get out of the apartment at least once a month,
without the baby. - so far it's happened every month!
20. Make Christmas ornaments for our friends and family
one year instead of cards.

So that's my update!
Soon I'm gonna have to start planning little miss's 1st
birthday party!
Princesses all the way!!! ;)

19 March 2013

9 Months

So Little Miss Rory Princess is 9 months old today!!

Say WHA?!

She's soooo close to walking - she's already assisted walking and crawling like a pro,
I can't WAIT til she starts walking too!
Although I totally want her to talk first,
then I wouldn't have to talk to myself til Andrew gets home hahaha

To celebrate she got her second french fry, part of an onion ring,
some bread, a tiny bit of a Thin Mint, plus her carrots, green beans, and apples hahaha

She loves to tackle anyone within 2 feet of her.
"Mamamamamamamama" is her distress call
and "tadatada" is her excited word.
(goes back and forth between t's and d's)
She loves playing with her toys in her playpen
(unless she's hungry or poopy, then forget it)
She's BEYOND fast!
She can get from our bedroom to the living room in like .5 seconds!
I turn around and she's gone!
(hence the playpen)
She's still not holding her bottle though......
honestly can't get her to do it AT ALL!
My DAD got her to do it for about 5 minutes hahaha
She also doesn't quite get the whole chewing thing,
regardless of the 6 teeth she has already.
But she's getting a bit better about sucking on things and practicing chewing ;)
 She's also a natural drummer!

Uncle Nick handed her his drum sticks and she started drumming them
holding them correctly and everything!

Happy 9 months baby girl! ;)

P.S. Is there anything cuter than baby prune toes!?

Nope, there really isn't ;)

18 March 2013


Around these parts, Andrew and Rory have been sick.
Coughing, fevers, puke, the whole enchilada.
I was doing so great til 2 days ago and now I have the sore throat,
little bit of coughing, and this morning: earache!
My first earache ever might I add.

And I want you to know how annoying this is,
we had planned to go to a big FHE get-together tonight 
with grown up friends (and their kids),
and now we can't go cuz we might get the other kids sick........

I am bummed.

And annoyed at my body.
And at Andrew's bronchitis.
And at Rory's cough medicine.

The end.

15 March 2013


Ok y'all!
Google's being dumb and getting rid of Google Reader,
so if you wanna stay up to date,

I wanna keep up with all of you!!

Also, since google shutting reader down, bloglovin will import your reading list for you!
Hope I see you still! ;)

12 March 2013

A little more personal

Ok today is a slightly more personal post.
(with some fun at the end don't worry)
So Andrew and I had noticed that we weren't as close as we used to be.
Ya know, just kinda going through the motions,
stuck in a rut, we still love each other but we weren't showing it like we used to.
BOTH of us at fault, although of course at first
I was like "why can't he do this, this this?" or
"Why doesn't he just know this and this?"
then I realized that I didn't know his needs either!
SO, thoroughly humbled and a lot slightly embarrassed at my behavior,
we had a talk.
A DTR if you will
(determine the relationship)
and things have been SOOO much better for both of us!

I mean seriously better,
we both made a promise to not be on our electronic devices as much,
to play with Rory together instead of "taking shifts",
taking time to actually TALK to each other again about our days
and find ways to make the other person laugh about the troubles ;)
We made a promise to start up scripture study again and to actually stick to it
(yeah yeah judge me if you want to,
but it's hard to do when you're exhausted by the end of the day)
and to start doing family prayers with Rory now too.
We figured she's never too young to learn to pray quietly
and we're going to try and start doing little family home evenings
(at least as much as we remember to do it right now).
*On a sidenote, as well as knowing Mickey, Aurora, and other Disney characters,
Rory can recognize all her family AND Jesus ;)
We must have taught her something right!*

We also decided that we're gonna try to make more time for each other too.
When Rory was first born,
we were doing fine finding time to spend together
and snuggle our brand new baby.
Well she's bigger now and more independent so we have to watch her
and so often we would get caught up in her needs/wants
that we both neglected the other without us even realizing it.
So that's gonna stop now.

Last night we went to the Suns vs Nuggets game
(Andrew's Christmas present from me)
and before the game we stopped at Target to get him some cough drops,
and I needed a different shirt cuz I spilled stuff all over it....
yeah I know, classy hahaha
so I got this cute yellow shirt,
we picked up some cookies for after the game
(mega stuffed Oreos for me and chewy Chips Ahoy for him)
and went to the game!
7th row seats baby! ;)

Sorry for the gigantic neck roll.....
working on that too haha

I want you to know,
those of you that don't know already,
that I pretty much don't like sports like at all........
football games, forget it.
So this was huge for us and I loved watching Andrew get all excited 
when they were ahead at the first half,
then disappointed when they got slaughtered in the second half....
BUT he enjoyed himself and quite frankly that made me sooo happy!
All I wanted was for him to have fun
and we enjoyed ourselves ;)
It was a great start to our resolutions
and I can't wait to do more to help keep our love strong
(and our marriage too) ;)

10 March 2013


I haven't linked for these in a long time haha
Alyx forgive me ;)

1. I've been super cranky the past couple days due to lack of sleep
since both Andrew and Rory have been sick and coughing all night long.

2. I've tried to just keep my mouth shut since I was cranky hahaha

3. I still don't believe my brother got married on THURSDAY!

4. I can't believe this week is finally over and we get to start a new one!

5. My toenails are still painted Christmas colors.....

6. I'm trying to be better about what I eat, but am struggling so hard
to try and keep Rory and me on a schedule....

7. I no longer have to take Prilosec unless I know I'm gonna eat something 
that might mess with me later! 
Raise the roof!!

8. On Friday I carried in 8 bags of groceries and a box of diapers
through the flooded sidewalk in flip flops and rain,
that was fun....

9. This week apparently is Spring Break and all I want to go on vacation,
oh well!

10. All I want for today is a nap ;)

08 March 2013

Nick and Emily's Wedding

Well friends,
my little brother is married!!
I just can't believe it!
Hahahaha I wrote this post about time
and how fast it flies and it's still flying by!
Yesterday was the PERFECT day for them,
sunshine and blue skies and a slight breeze
(also slightly warm but in the shade it was gorgeous)

Emily looked GORGEOUS and Nick was glowing ;)
We got to go into the temple for the ceremony with them,
and theirs was the only other sealing I've been to besides mine
(at least so far)
and it was awesome to listen again to the promises and covenants
we make with God and with each other in a marriage.
Watching them as they knelt together
the Spirit was so strong and I wept with joy,
yes I WEPT like a baby hahaha
And at 1:11 they were officially sealed as husband and wife
which coincidentally was the same time that me and Andrew were sealed,
AND the same time MY parents were sealed ;)
It's fate y'all!
After the ceremony we hugged them both and I could feel my heart
swell with happiness for them and especially for getting another sister!
Us Bowler women have now tripled!
And now welcome Mr and Mrs Bowler!

So I got the bridesmaids but did I get the groomsmen....
no...hahaha and my husband AND my other brother were groomsmen
(don't tell them I forgot!)

Ok so funny story,
these are all the nieces and nephews on both sides
(yeah ok, Rory is the ONLY one from our side hahaha)
But this is exactly how the pictures turned out,
lots of crying babies!
perfect birth control for the new couple ;)

Ok I swear this isn't as weird as it looks,
Nick was hugging me through Emily so I was all up in her grill......

Rory got to dance with Susan
who did the flowers for Nick and Emily
(and me too for my wedding - she's amazing!)

Mother Son dance - 
Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel
(the photographer got WAY better pictures mmmk?)
And Emily and her dad danced to 
I Loved Her First by Heartland

And a better one of me and my new sister ;)
It was a gorgeous reception and I'm so happy for them,
and I did tear up when they drove off,
knowing that they're grown ups now!
And once the photographer gets the photos edited,
I'll post some more
(with Emily's permission of course!)

01 March 2013


Can I just tell you that I'm BEYOND ready to be done
with the frustration of being stuck in situations?!
It's like Andrew and I are in this point in our lives where we're just stuck,
we can't move forward unless this, this, this, this falls into place,
plus this or this or this. 
Ya know what I mean?

Now hold up,
I don't mean in our marriage/love life/parenting mmmk?
I mean just real life stuff.
We're happy in marriage, love, and Rory hahaha
Just wanted to make that clear!

We have all of this potential to move forward 
but the world is getting in the way.
It's just frustrating.
I'm trying not to get discouraged but there are times when I just
wanna give up and not even bother anymore.
But then, what good would that do?
So we just keep trying
and hopefully soon we'll be able to ;)

Also, don't forget that the 20% to eShakti.com is only good through the 10th of March!!
So go get something adorable! ;)