28 February 2013

What is Time?

A week from right now my little brother is getting married!
I seriously can't believe it!
Just yesterday he was destroying my Barbies, tying me up, 
teaching me how to play video games, collecting Pokemon cards with me!
Then he had the nerve to turn 16 and DATE!
THEN he had the double nerve to graduate high school!
TRIPLE nerve to serve a mission and now
QUADRUPLE nerve to be all grown up and about to be married!

What happened to time?
Crap, is this how it feels to be a parent too?
SO tomorrow Rory's going to be asking me for the car keys 
or holding hands with some *gasp* BOY!?

I can't be getting older,
I mean right??
Ok, ok, I know it's silly
but I'm telling you,
I really didn't believe the whole
"time flies" thing until I look back and realize
I'm turning 25 this year, Nick's getting married 
and Trevor will be a SENIOR next school year
AND my baby's gonna be one in June!

I need time to pause so I can breathe 
and relish the moments but oh no,
time is sneaky and goes way too fast for me to keep up!

But I honestly couldn't be happier for Nick and Emily!
Rory already loves her Aunt Emily a bunch
and she feels like she's always been part of our family
(probably cuz thanks to AYT she kinda has been hahaha)



  1. That is so exciting! Congratulations to your brother. Time really should just pause. I love it the way it is right now.

  2. And this is exactly why I keep asking my little sister why she wants to get married!!! Good thing she isn't engaged or anything so whew! Us overprotective siblings

  3. So fun! Congrats to the new addition to the family!


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