23 February 2013

This Weekend

This weekend has been slightly crazy hahahaha
Yesterday I had the #azbloggermeetup at one of my favorite restaurants Sweet Cakes!
It was SOOO much fun!
I also had AYT's Annual Masquerade Ball at like the same time!
So I had to dress really a lot fancier than I normally would have hahaha
Hats off to Katie and Camille for getting it all set up!!

 Please forgive the crazy faces!
I finally got to wear my eShakti sample dress!!
(Post coming soon!)

Sorry Camille!
I didn't realize the awfulness of the picture hahaha
Of course I didn't take pictures of ME there but 
I promise I was there and enjoyed myself and meeting so many awesome girls!

After the meetup,
Andrew picked me up and we went to the ball!

Sorry ladies, he's taken for eternity ;)
The turnout was stupendous!
I swear it tripled from last year's attendance!

All of the siblings ;)
(Only 11 days left til Nick's wedding!)
It was such a blast.
We danced, the kids flash mobbed Gangnam Style,
raffles happened, musical numbers performed, and we went home happy ;)

Then this morning I hosted a book club meeting
about one of my favorite books
The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
and it was fun spending some grown up time with some awesome ladies!

I forgot to get a picture of the whole table all done up
but here's the general idea.
I did ice cream sundaes and put Oreos, nuts, choco chips, strawberries, and bananas 
in the containers and then for the salty factor
I did chips and salsa ;)
And this is me running to the store at 7 AM to get the groceries that the hubster
forgot to pick up last night.

And thanks to Megan,
I HAD to buy these today

Um delicious!
And so NOT helping the whole lose weight thing
but oh well!
You'll curse thank me later ;)


  1. That's my back! And my baby's head! Haha! It was nice to meet you this weekend!

    Also, thanks for the reminder about the Oreos. I NEED them.

  2. Ali you are so funny! I'm so glad I got to meet you on Friday and look forward to getting to know you better!
    BTW, not a terrible picture of me, this is probably how 90% of mine come out...so I'm going with thank you on this one :)

    I'm so impressed you made it for the meetup with such fun plans after. What a trooper!

  3. What a FUN day!! Wish I could meet all of you girls! And that dress looks so cute on you!

  4. You look great in that dress. What a fun, fun day!


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