21 February 2013

Recipes for busy peeps

So last Sunday to Monday night I had the most intense heartburn so far in my life.
Now I'd never had heartburn before I got pregnant, then I did about 4 times,
and about 4 times since Rory's been born,
so it's not usually too bad and easily fixed with TUMS or if necessary Pepcid AC.
Well this particular night,
it was consistent heartburn which caused constant nausea 
and it did not alleviate at all for 9 hours.
It started at 11:30 that night and by 6:30 it still hadn't stopped,
so i asked Andrew to take me to the ER.
My wonderful brother Nick was nice enough to come over and watch TV til Rory woke up
so that we didn't have to take her with us.
Seriously gets one of the best uncles awards ;)
(Uncle Trevor is still pretty amazing so she can't have a favorite!)

When Nick came, before we left I asked the guys to give me a blessing
and seriously that was the best thing I did.
Andrew spoke of comfort and healing,
and no life-threatening issues.
We got to the ER and they had me give a urine sample,
and gave me a bag in case I had to throw up again.
When we finally got back to actually see a doctor,
my pain had gone away,
and now I was just sore from all the hacking and coughing,
and the pain itself.
They wanted to run a couple tests to make sure everything was ok.
So they hooked me up to an IV,
drew 3 phials of blood and did an ultrasound of my gall bladder.
After 7 hours in the ER they came to the conclusion that I have gall stones.
And that I would need to see a surgeon to figure out 
whether they would just take out the stones,
or remove my gall bladder entirely.
(I also want you to know that Andrew left for work at 10,
so I was alone in the hospital til about noon
when my dad came to rescue me hahaha)

Talk about slightly concerning hahaha
They gave me a prescription for Prilosec OTC
and something for nausea if I needed it,
and sent me on my way with a surgeon reference.
After buying the Prilosec which I now have to take everyday
(I'm officially an old person!)
my dad told me to call our regular doctor to check first.
I saw my dr on Friday,
and he told me,
"So gall stones huh? You'll be just fine unless you have pain
in the region where your gall bladder is.
Women that are on birth control are more likely to have gall stones,
women that just had a baby are more likely to have gall stones,
and women that are - sorry - a little overweight are more likely to have gall stones."
OH! I'm guilty on all three counts!
So he told me I have to lose weight
(which is true, baby weight came all back....ugh)
and to just eat better foods.
We talked for about 20 minutes about my current "diet"
and he said that I need more protein
and since fish and I don't like each other,
just more chicken and eggs and such.

So today I found this site that has GREAT recipes 
and all of them are like 7 ingredients or less 
and usually take less than 20 minutes to make from beginning to end.
Which we all know is good for the girl that doesn't do the cooking in this house,
and that has a crazy 8 month old to chase after hahaha
They also let you print them in different sizes depending on your preference,
AND they'll use your zip code to help you find deals
on the ingredients!!
And if you have any great and easy recipes please SHARE!! ;)
This one is gonna happen as soon as I can find our diced tomatoes...


  1. It was So AWESOME meeting you at the blogger meet-up! Your family is gorgeous and that little girl of yours is just perfect! Excited to follow along!

  2. What a sweet blog :)



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