09 February 2013


I know I suck!

Rory being mobile doesn't leave me much time to be social when she's sleeping
cuz then I'm cleaning the mess she's made hahahaha

I can't believe she's almost 8 months old!
I know I say this a lot but seriously,

I thought it'd go slower than this!
We had to lower her crib mattress cuz she now knows how to stand up in it -
and that's how we find her every morning now,
big grin on her face staring at us from her standing up ;)

Standing, standing all day long!
One day last week I went to the bathroom
real quick,
mommy's gotta use the facilities too ya know,
and I came out to see this

Re-arranging the DVDs.
how nice of her.

So we decided to get this with some of our tax money
I can't WAIT for it to get here!
We also need it for this new toy she's decided she likes

Oh the joys of motherhood! ;)


  1. That playpen is GENIUS! I think we will need to invest in one when the time comes.

  2. I understand the time flying thing. I swear it goes even faster the second time around! Bummer. The mobile stage is something to get used to, isn't it? But it's also sooo much fun!!!

  3. I can't wait to see how long it takes her to figure out how to get out of that playpen. I'm sure it will be quicker than you expect! I feel like just yesterday you were posting pics of you guys as a brand spankin' new family... holy cow, I can't believe the time has gone by so dang quickly!

  4. She is the most adorable little trouble maker!!! :) You're such a great mom! Have fun with that playpen!

  5. I'm with Alyx... Wonder how long it will take her to figure out how to escape!!! haha. ;) She's a smart one, I bet it'll be quick!


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