03 February 2013


Hello my loves!
Are you all enjoying the Super Bowl?
I'm glad.
I watch for the commercials.

But I don't want to talk about the game or the commercials
(although the M&M one was funny no??)
I want to talk about us going to church today with my grandparents.

We went with them today because they hadn't seen Rory for awhile,
they had the sickness that went around so she didn't go spend her day with them.
So we get there and grandma takes her to go meet some people in the ward,
cuz she talks about her all the time ;)
Rory loved all the attention and cooed and giggled at everyone.
About halfway through Sacrament Meeting she fell asleep on my shoulder
(which is harder now that she's getting so big!)
It's Fast Sunday today so it was Fast and Testimony meeting,
and all the testimonies were sweet and heartfelt.
Then my grandpa went up to bare his testimony.
He started crying once he was up there,
saying how much he loved his family.
How much Rory meant to him and grandma
as well as me and Andrew
(and my brothers and parents - they just weren't there).

After Sacrament we went to their Sunday School class
for a little bit so the kids could meet her too.
They teach the 16-18 year olds.
They thought she was adorable, and she totally is ;)

Their lesson for them today was "Tender Mercies".
They wanted to bring Rory in because SHE is a tender mercy in their lives.
My heart swelled with joy when they said that.
My grandma said how much she meant to them
and that they love her more than they ever thought they would.
She also mentioned that Rory has brought our family closer together,
which I hadn't thought about really,
but it's so true!

Before she was born, we were still pretty close,
but we each did our own thing.
But after Rory arrived, there was an extra reason to get together.
There was a reason to spend a longer time at the house,
or to come visit ;)
She brightens the room when she's there,
I'm serious.
When we come over to my parents house,
everything stops to say hi to the baby and play/snuggle/feed/
and even change her diaper.
My brothers come out of their rooms to be with everybody,
that's huge.
My brother's fiancee Emily when she knows Rory is over,
comes over too to play with her ;)
When we do dinner with the Mills,
she smiles and giggles and there's always more smiles at the table
and talk about how awesome it is that she's here.
Rory is the light of our family,
and so will the other nieces and nephews that come
I'm sure, but for now it's just her but she brings everything together.

I know it might sound cheesy,
or even a little narcissistic to say that Rory is the center but it's true.
I couldn't be more grateful that this little bundle of joy has come
and brought all of us closer together as a family.


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