05 February 2013

Blogger meet up and opportunity!!

Hello dears!
So I have the amazing opportunity on the 22nd to go to an AZ blogger meet up!
I'm super excited!!
Well I'm determined to get there this time!

As part of our meet up, we're exchanging bags of our favorite things,
so I thought about my talented and wonderful readers!
I think this would be a GREAT opportunity for any of those that want to
promote your business,
or start out,
(and yes Megan I stole this idea from you ;)
Hope you can forgive me!)
or whatever!

I'm of course gonna do bags of my favorite things too,
but let me know if you wanna send something little
to the blogger meet up!!


  1. I really, really wish I could make it to these things!!! I bet it will be so much fun!

  2. Ditto what Kassi said - I wish I lived somewhere with enough bloggers that these things actually existed!


Welcome to our adventure!