28 February 2013

What is Time?

A week from right now my little brother is getting married!
I seriously can't believe it!
Just yesterday he was destroying my Barbies, tying me up, 
teaching me how to play video games, collecting Pokemon cards with me!
Then he had the nerve to turn 16 and DATE!
THEN he had the double nerve to graduate high school!
TRIPLE nerve to serve a mission and now
QUADRUPLE nerve to be all grown up and about to be married!

What happened to time?
Crap, is this how it feels to be a parent too?
SO tomorrow Rory's going to be asking me for the car keys 
or holding hands with some *gasp* BOY!?

I can't be getting older,
I mean right??
Ok, ok, I know it's silly
but I'm telling you,
I really didn't believe the whole
"time flies" thing until I look back and realize
I'm turning 25 this year, Nick's getting married 
and Trevor will be a SENIOR next school year
AND my baby's gonna be one in June!

I need time to pause so I can breathe 
and relish the moments but oh no,
time is sneaky and goes way too fast for me to keep up!

But I honestly couldn't be happier for Nick and Emily!
Rory already loves her Aunt Emily a bunch
and she feels like she's always been part of our family
(probably cuz thanks to AYT she kinda has been hahaha)


26 February 2013

Review and Discount!!

This is the first time I've ever done one of these
"review" posts so please forgive me if I'm amateurish about it!
So about a month and a half ago I was contacted
by the amazing eShakti.com to do a review of one of their pieces!
Let me tell you, I was SOOOO excited!
I had such a hard time choosing what I wanted to try: a shirt, skirt, dress, jacket??
Then I realized I don't have many dresses so I went for this one:

It was perfect!
The best thing about eShakti is that most of their dresses/shirts have the ability
to add sleeves!!
Even more perfect for those of us LDS ladies that wanna stay modest
(or any lady for that matter)
 So I asked them to add capsleeves to the dress to make it modest for me ;)
And did I mention pockets in almost every dress!?

It came about a month later
(it's usually faster but they had a HUGE sale so custom orders were a little backed up,
but the customer service people were AMAZING)
but just in time for the AYT Masquerade Ball
which was the exact reason that I wanted the dress in the first place!

I did however have one TINY issue,
the hole in the back of the dress
(ya know, the ones that you button at the top?)
was just a bit too low so that the top of my garments were showing....
BUT I fixed that easily with this little jacket my friend lent me ;)
And luckily I know a few seamstresses,
so maybe they can like insert some material or something? ;)

Well I also wore it to the blogger meetup as you know 
and I got a TON of compliments on it!
It was really really nice to hear
"That dress looks great on you!"
or even
"You look so nice tonight!"
and not being covered in baby smell/boogers/etc ;)

I'm so sorry for the crappy photos from my phone!
When I finally find my camera
we will take much better pictures I promise! ;)

 If you can't see it, eShakti is offering a 20% discount to you!
You can use it as often as you wish until 3/10!!
How awesome is that!?
It's unfortunately not valid on overstock items :(

But I mean it's still freaking awesome right!?
Score for you!
And definitely show me what you get!! ;)

23 February 2013

This Weekend

This weekend has been slightly crazy hahahaha
Yesterday I had the #azbloggermeetup at one of my favorite restaurants Sweet Cakes!
It was SOOO much fun!
I also had AYT's Annual Masquerade Ball at like the same time!
So I had to dress really a lot fancier than I normally would have hahaha
Hats off to Katie and Camille for getting it all set up!!

 Please forgive the crazy faces!
I finally got to wear my eShakti sample dress!!
(Post coming soon!)

Sorry Camille!
I didn't realize the awfulness of the picture hahaha
Of course I didn't take pictures of ME there but 
I promise I was there and enjoyed myself and meeting so many awesome girls!

After the meetup,
Andrew picked me up and we went to the ball!

Sorry ladies, he's taken for eternity ;)
The turnout was stupendous!
I swear it tripled from last year's attendance!

All of the siblings ;)
(Only 11 days left til Nick's wedding!)
It was such a blast.
We danced, the kids flash mobbed Gangnam Style,
raffles happened, musical numbers performed, and we went home happy ;)

Then this morning I hosted a book club meeting
about one of my favorite books
The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
and it was fun spending some grown up time with some awesome ladies!

I forgot to get a picture of the whole table all done up
but here's the general idea.
I did ice cream sundaes and put Oreos, nuts, choco chips, strawberries, and bananas 
in the containers and then for the salty factor
I did chips and salsa ;)
And this is me running to the store at 7 AM to get the groceries that the hubster
forgot to pick up last night.

And thanks to Megan,
I HAD to buy these today

Um delicious!
And so NOT helping the whole lose weight thing
but oh well!
You'll curse thank me later ;)

21 February 2013

Recipes for busy peeps

So last Sunday to Monday night I had the most intense heartburn so far in my life.
Now I'd never had heartburn before I got pregnant, then I did about 4 times,
and about 4 times since Rory's been born,
so it's not usually too bad and easily fixed with TUMS or if necessary Pepcid AC.
Well this particular night,
it was consistent heartburn which caused constant nausea 
and it did not alleviate at all for 9 hours.
It started at 11:30 that night and by 6:30 it still hadn't stopped,
so i asked Andrew to take me to the ER.
My wonderful brother Nick was nice enough to come over and watch TV til Rory woke up
so that we didn't have to take her with us.
Seriously gets one of the best uncles awards ;)
(Uncle Trevor is still pretty amazing so she can't have a favorite!)

When Nick came, before we left I asked the guys to give me a blessing
and seriously that was the best thing I did.
Andrew spoke of comfort and healing,
and no life-threatening issues.
We got to the ER and they had me give a urine sample,
and gave me a bag in case I had to throw up again.
When we finally got back to actually see a doctor,
my pain had gone away,
and now I was just sore from all the hacking and coughing,
and the pain itself.
They wanted to run a couple tests to make sure everything was ok.
So they hooked me up to an IV,
drew 3 phials of blood and did an ultrasound of my gall bladder.
After 7 hours in the ER they came to the conclusion that I have gall stones.
And that I would need to see a surgeon to figure out 
whether they would just take out the stones,
or remove my gall bladder entirely.
(I also want you to know that Andrew left for work at 10,
so I was alone in the hospital til about noon
when my dad came to rescue me hahaha)

Talk about slightly concerning hahaha
They gave me a prescription for Prilosec OTC
and something for nausea if I needed it,
and sent me on my way with a surgeon reference.
After buying the Prilosec which I now have to take everyday
(I'm officially an old person!)
my dad told me to call our regular doctor to check first.
I saw my dr on Friday,
and he told me,
"So gall stones huh? You'll be just fine unless you have pain
in the region where your gall bladder is.
Women that are on birth control are more likely to have gall stones,
women that just had a baby are more likely to have gall stones,
and women that are - sorry - a little overweight are more likely to have gall stones."
OH! I'm guilty on all three counts!
So he told me I have to lose weight
(which is true, baby weight came all back....ugh)
and to just eat better foods.
We talked for about 20 minutes about my current "diet"
and he said that I need more protein
and since fish and I don't like each other,
just more chicken and eggs and such.

So today I found this site that has GREAT recipes 
and all of them are like 7 ingredients or less 
and usually take less than 20 minutes to make from beginning to end.
Which we all know is good for the girl that doesn't do the cooking in this house,
and that has a crazy 8 month old to chase after hahaha
They also let you print them in different sizes depending on your preference,
AND they'll use your zip code to help you find deals
on the ingredients!!
And if you have any great and easy recipes please SHARE!! ;)
This one is gonna happen as soon as I can find our diced tomatoes...

17 February 2013

Our V-Day Celebration

Thursday night I was actually able to make dinner for me and Andrew,
which was his Valentine's gift from me ;)

 It was a chicken pasta dish with red sauce haha
I just kinda threw what we had in the pantry and fridge together ;)

Then Saturday morning I woke up to this on our table

I have been wanting Brave since it came out!!
And yes, he MADE those paper roses ;)
I know, y'all be jealous ;)

It was a great day yesterday,
we ran errands together, 
had lunch at Olive Garden,
Rory had her GG and Papa day,
Andrew's sister Haley opened her mission call,
(Sao Paolo North Brazil mission!!! WOOT!)
got Krazy Sub for dinner,
and watched Brave while Rory napped,
and then got baby snuggles to top off the whole night ;)

Best Valentine's Day ever!

14 February 2013


Oh Valentine's Day.
Those that know me, know I don't usually like this "holiday".
I feel like it's usually super over-commercialized and such.
BUT I do like the fact that we're celebrating love.
And since having Rory,
it's been a little hard doing romantic things for each other.
Pretty much, once the baby's in bed, we are too hahahaha

Well this year I decided I wanted some romance back.
When we were dating way back when,
Andrew and I used to be all sorts of cute and do cute lovey things for each other,
so today the goal is to bring some of that back.
We'll be doing our actual Valentine's celebration on Saturday,
but today I'm gonna try and make cookies
(if the girl will let me)
and we'll try to do something little and cute I dunno.

How do you keep it happy after kids??

12 February 2013

20 Wishes Update!!

It's time to update the 20 wishes already!!

I'm so excited to say that I can cross more off my list!
Not tons more, but some more WOOT!

1. Make a Minky blanket for Rory.
2. Learn to use my sewing machine.
3. Take cookies to our neighbors.
4. Buy a pair of heels!
5. Go on a date with my husband once a month!
6. Do a Disney movie marathon! - I'm partially into one!
7. Cook dinner once a week.
8. Sew a skirt!
9. Finish my wedding scrapbook! - again, halfway done
10. Make fudge - the right way!
11. Go on family walks.
12. Buy something from Groupon.
13. Make a "memory board".
14. Make a headband for myself. - and I made some for Rory too ;)
15. Have (or go to) a blogger weekend somewhere.
16. Buy a fancy dress! - I'm waiting for it to come in the mail!!
17. Buy myself a nice, pretty watch.
18. Find a pen pal! - I may have even found two!!
19. Get out of the apartment at least once a month,
without the baby.
20. Make Christmas ornaments for our friends and family
one year instead of cards.

 I know it might not look like much but I've gotten a lot accomplished thus far,
AND I've made dinner once a week every week so far,
AND I'm also doing a scrapbook with my mom of our family Disney Trip,
AND I'm learning (and using) my sewing machine more!
Everyone should be proud of this hahaha

How are YOU doing on your 20 wishes??


09 February 2013


I know I suck!

Rory being mobile doesn't leave me much time to be social when she's sleeping
cuz then I'm cleaning the mess she's made hahahaha

I can't believe she's almost 8 months old!
I know I say this a lot but seriously,

I thought it'd go slower than this!
We had to lower her crib mattress cuz she now knows how to stand up in it -
and that's how we find her every morning now,
big grin on her face staring at us from her standing up ;)

Standing, standing all day long!
One day last week I went to the bathroom
real quick,
mommy's gotta use the facilities too ya know,
and I came out to see this

Re-arranging the DVDs.
how nice of her.

So we decided to get this with some of our tax money
I can't WAIT for it to get here!
We also need it for this new toy she's decided she likes

Oh the joys of motherhood! ;)

05 February 2013

Blogger meet up and opportunity!!

Hello dears!
So I have the amazing opportunity on the 22nd to go to an AZ blogger meet up!
I'm super excited!!
Well I'm determined to get there this time!

As part of our meet up, we're exchanging bags of our favorite things,
so I thought about my talented and wonderful readers!
I think this would be a GREAT opportunity for any of those that want to
promote your business,
or start out,
(and yes Megan I stole this idea from you ;)
Hope you can forgive me!)
or whatever!

I'm of course gonna do bags of my favorite things too,
but let me know if you wanna send something little
to the blogger meet up!!

03 February 2013


Hello my loves!
Are you all enjoying the Super Bowl?
I'm glad.
I watch for the commercials.

But I don't want to talk about the game or the commercials
(although the M&M one was funny no??)
I want to talk about us going to church today with my grandparents.

We went with them today because they hadn't seen Rory for awhile,
they had the sickness that went around so she didn't go spend her day with them.
So we get there and grandma takes her to go meet some people in the ward,
cuz she talks about her all the time ;)
Rory loved all the attention and cooed and giggled at everyone.
About halfway through Sacrament Meeting she fell asleep on my shoulder
(which is harder now that she's getting so big!)
It's Fast Sunday today so it was Fast and Testimony meeting,
and all the testimonies were sweet and heartfelt.
Then my grandpa went up to bare his testimony.
He started crying once he was up there,
saying how much he loved his family.
How much Rory meant to him and grandma
as well as me and Andrew
(and my brothers and parents - they just weren't there).

After Sacrament we went to their Sunday School class
for a little bit so the kids could meet her too.
They teach the 16-18 year olds.
They thought she was adorable, and she totally is ;)

Their lesson for them today was "Tender Mercies".
They wanted to bring Rory in because SHE is a tender mercy in their lives.
My heart swelled with joy when they said that.
My grandma said how much she meant to them
and that they love her more than they ever thought they would.
She also mentioned that Rory has brought our family closer together,
which I hadn't thought about really,
but it's so true!

Before she was born, we were still pretty close,
but we each did our own thing.
But after Rory arrived, there was an extra reason to get together.
There was a reason to spend a longer time at the house,
or to come visit ;)
She brightens the room when she's there,
I'm serious.
When we come over to my parents house,
everything stops to say hi to the baby and play/snuggle/feed/
and even change her diaper.
My brothers come out of their rooms to be with everybody,
that's huge.
My brother's fiancee Emily when she knows Rory is over,
comes over too to play with her ;)
When we do dinner with the Mills,
she smiles and giggles and there's always more smiles at the table
and talk about how awesome it is that she's here.
Rory is the light of our family,
and so will the other nieces and nephews that come
I'm sure, but for now it's just her but she brings everything together.

I know it might sound cheesy,
or even a little narcissistic to say that Rory is the center but it's true.
I couldn't be more grateful that this little bundle of joy has come
and brought all of us closer together as a family.