11 January 2013

Stanley the recliner

Thank you all for the get well wishes yesterday
via text, IG, and here,
I really have the best blog buddies ever!

So last night we also went to get a recliner for our living room,
I wanted another seating thing and a recliner made sense
when Rory is tired but doesn't want to be stuck in her room
so we can rock her out here and fall asleep faster.
It has worked both times we've had today and last night hahaha

Say welcome to Stanley!

The story of his delivery into our apartment is quite
a crazy one.
But I first have to say that Andrew rocks!
He carried this thing by himself,
loaded and unloaded it by himself - a rockstar!

So we used my parents surburban to get the chair.
We left our keys with them for our car
just in case they needed something,
you just never know haha
so we get the chair,
get to our apartment,
and realize we have no keys to get in......
yeah our apt key is on our car key and we didn't think to get the spare,
I mean I was sick all day yesterday
my brain was not in functioning mode.
So Andrew hops our back porch to try and break in
through Rory's room.....and can't.
Which makes us happy too cuz now we know that 
we're safe in that apartment haha
So what did we do?
Left the chair in front of our front door with a note
saying "Please leave chair alone!"
White trash yo!
We get back to my parents house to pick up the bug and our car
ended up chatting for 30 minutes,
then as we're leaving it was raining.....
Andrew and I looked at each other and said "THE CHAIR!"
Hahahaha but as we got closer to our house there wasn't as much rain,
and Andrew was hungry so we stopped at McD's for him to get food,
got home,
and the chair was still there and perfectly dry!
So now Stanley is part of our little family ;)

We had to do a little rearranging of the furniture.

The tree was here,
and we scooted the couches closer together,
and made room by our movie bookshelf for Stanley ;)
And I wanted to show you what my brother made for us for Christmas!

He drew all of the characters,
and it's really a perfect rendition of us as a couple!

Have I also mentioned that 2 weeks from right now I'll be at DISNEYLAND?!
Oh I haven't!? 
Well I will be!!!

I'm so excited guys!
I've had a Disney withdrawal and now I get to go with MY DAUGHTER!
It's like all my dreams are coming true,
and it will just get better later with more kids!

And just cuz I love you all,
here's a picture of the bug fast asleep on her playmat

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  1. Lol I've told you how I feel about this story already, so I won't laugh at you again. But anyway, I'm super stoked for you to get to go to Disneyland! It will be so much fun!

  2. Oh man I want a recliner so bad. That looks so comfy!! Glad no one took it :)


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