31 January 2013


Thank you all for the nice comments about our trip!
It really was one of the best things we've done so far ;)

I know I haven't written much
well that's cuz nothing really huge has happened after the trip haha
We're all trying to recover still from our crazy awesome week,
Rory's sleep cycle really hasn't been too interrupted at night which is great!
Naps are just a little more difficult
which is fine just makes for a cranky baby and mama.
But overall, we're just home
doing the same things over and over.

I almost feel like we've gotten into a rut,
although watching Rory play is the best entertainment in the world!
She can now sit up all by herself and pull herself up from any position,
such a big girl I don't even know how to deal with it all!
We had to lower the mattress in her crib cuz she was threatening to climb out
and tumble to her doom hahaha
now she's nice and secured ;)

 So please forgive me if I'm not as exciting as I "used to be",
and just realize that with a kid that's super mobile,
she's the center of my universe
but hopefully I'll have some fun things to write about later on
as I try out some crafting things!!

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  1. I just read over your Disneyland posts and that sounds amazing! I am jealous ;) And don't worry, I find the "everyday" stuff just as interesting :)


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