02 January 2013

New Year, 20 Wishes, Plus a Little Extra

Alright, so it's a new year,
and ya know, you're supposed to make resolutions that you will most likely break
in a month or two hahahaha

Well instead of doing that,
I'm just thinking I'll do a list of things I'd like to do,
plus my Twenty Wishes list is gonna keep me pretty busy as it is ;)

SO I'll add just a couple things:
- I want to be a better "housekeeper"
While I understand that with an active 6 month old, 
keeping a super clean house is like impossible,
but it tends to look like a tornado hit hahaha
Play more games with my husband
Poor Andrew loves to play games,
and I'm not real big on that BUT I do play if he asks,
so now I'm just gonna be more willing to ;)
- Take more trips
This one is for both me and Andrew.
We want to do more traveling to visit friends,
family, see new places, experience new things.
And we discussed that it doesn't have to be super far either,
just a trip in general.
- be more confident with who I am
I know, sounds cheesy,
but seriously.
Sometimes I wish I was skinnier, or taller,
or whatever but now I need to accept how I am.
Now I'm not saying that I won't make better food choices
or anything cuz I will BUT I'm not gonna focus on what I'm NOT,
and be proud of how I am.

What are your goals for the new year??


  1. Those are all great goals for the new year!!! How are you not into games?! Who doesn't love games!?! ;)

  2. Ummm excuse me. You KNOW we will be gaming it up when we come visit.

    And... I love your goals.


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