31 January 2013


Thank you all for the nice comments about our trip!
It really was one of the best things we've done so far ;)

I know I haven't written much
well that's cuz nothing really huge has happened after the trip haha
We're all trying to recover still from our crazy awesome week,
Rory's sleep cycle really hasn't been too interrupted at night which is great!
Naps are just a little more difficult
which is fine just makes for a cranky baby and mama.
But overall, we're just home
doing the same things over and over.

I almost feel like we've gotten into a rut,
although watching Rory play is the best entertainment in the world!
She can now sit up all by herself and pull herself up from any position,
such a big girl I don't even know how to deal with it all!
We had to lower the mattress in her crib cuz she was threatening to climb out
and tumble to her doom hahaha
now she's nice and secured ;)

 So please forgive me if I'm not as exciting as I "used to be",
and just realize that with a kid that's super mobile,
she's the center of my universe
but hopefully I'll have some fun things to write about later on
as I try out some crafting things!!

27 January 2013

Disneyland Trip

Ok guys, we had the most fun vacation of like all time!

Disneyland has always been magical for me,
but let me tell you that it was even MORE magical going with my daughter.
Now, yes she's only 7 months but let me tell you, she LOVED it!
All the sounds, people, and tons to look at! 
What baby wouldn't be happy??

Rory met Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Alice and the Mad Hatter,
Queen of Hearts, Dale, Aurora, Jasmine, Snow White, Merida, Rapunzel and Flynn,
Sully, Tinkerbell, Periwinkle, and Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
My most magical moment was watching Rory interact with Aurora ;)
I stood to the side and pretty much cried like a small child hahaha
it was my dream come true and it was amazing!
We waited for the princesses and when I saw that Aurora was coming,
I about died from happiness.
We told Aurora what Rory's name was and she took her from my arms,
sat her in her lap and just talked to her!
Rory chatted right back to her and loved her pretty dress too ;)
After she met Aurora, I was still trying to recover my senses,
she met Snow White and Jasmine hahaha
she tried to take a bunch of Jasmine's jewels off her cape ;)

25 January 2013

I'm BACK!!

We're back from Disneyland!!!
It was so much fun!!
I'll do a big re-cap post soon but for now here's a little sneak peek!!

Rory's first ride was Small World!
And she loved it!!
And she met all kinds of crazy characters and princesses and fairies!
More to come soon!!

19 January 2013

Before the day is completely over....

My baby is 7 months old today!!
Holy dang!
The days just don't seem to get any longer do they??
There aren't enough hours I tell you,
although at night, I could use with less hour of fighting Rory for bedtime hahaha
but that's besides the point!

Look at the cuteness!!

Don't worry, she was strapped in people!

I'm still not sure how she got here....
I guess the space was just big enough for her to get in hahaha

She's getting all kinds of mobile y'all!!
Now we gotta move daddy's video game cords bahahaha
luckily all of our electric sockets are non-accessible thanks to furniture
(at least at the moment)

I hope you guys have a great week!!
We're off to Disneyland for vacation with my family!
It was our Christmas present from my parents!!
Here are our excited faces!

I'm not sure, but I think she's definitely my kid no??
We like big mouths and we cannot lie ;)

14 January 2013

Catching Up!

I know I've been a sucky blog friend,
but I do have a very active almost 7 month old at home,
and she's starting to learn to crawl!

Anyways, I'll try to catch you up on things around here ;)
Every week Rory and I spend a day with my mom
and it's our "craft day",
now half the time it turns into us chatting the whole day
but recently we've made a decision to do at least one thing every week haha
so last week my mom helped me sew the minky blanket
I've been wanting to do for Rory (on my Twenty Wishes list)

 Oh yeah, shes a froggy girl hahaha
Also, my mom helping me turned into her doing all of the actual sewing
cuz I couldn't do it, it was too big of a piece hahaha
I also bought an Ergo carrier for us to use at Disneyland!

Oh my heavens people it is AMAZING!!
I liked my Baby Bjorn,
but this Ergo was like heaven on my shoulders,
and it doesn't put the strain on my back that the Bjorn does!
Any and all moms, it's SOOO worth the money.
(Also, buy it from Amazon, way cheaper and free shipping!)
Rory had so much fun at grandma's she and grandma both fell asleep hahaha

The cutest thing ever right?!

Rory got a big girl bathtub to use now cuz she's so big!

And she loves it!!
She gets to splash as much as she wants and actually can go after her toys!

Last night Andrew made milanesa
for us and my family while we planned our Disneyland trip!
Milanesa is an Argentine dish of breaded and fried beef (or chicken)
and it was delicious!
I married the best cook around!
And Rory loves playing with her uncles and grandpa!

She's such a spoiled thing with attention hahaha
And I am now the human jungle gym!

She loves to climb up me and smile at me like she's saying
"Look at me mama!! I'm so big and cute!"
And she is ;)

What have you been up to??

11 January 2013

Stanley the recliner

Thank you all for the get well wishes yesterday
via text, IG, and here,
I really have the best blog buddies ever!

So last night we also went to get a recliner for our living room,
I wanted another seating thing and a recliner made sense
when Rory is tired but doesn't want to be stuck in her room
so we can rock her out here and fall asleep faster.
It has worked both times we've had today and last night hahaha

Say welcome to Stanley!

The story of his delivery into our apartment is quite
a crazy one.
But I first have to say that Andrew rocks!
He carried this thing by himself,
loaded and unloaded it by himself - a rockstar!

So we used my parents surburban to get the chair.
We left our keys with them for our car
just in case they needed something,
you just never know haha
so we get the chair,
get to our apartment,
and realize we have no keys to get in......
yeah our apt key is on our car key and we didn't think to get the spare,
I mean I was sick all day yesterday
my brain was not in functioning mode.
So Andrew hops our back porch to try and break in
through Rory's room.....and can't.
Which makes us happy too cuz now we know that 
we're safe in that apartment haha
So what did we do?
Left the chair in front of our front door with a note
saying "Please leave chair alone!"
White trash yo!
We get back to my parents house to pick up the bug and our car
ended up chatting for 30 minutes,
then as we're leaving it was raining.....
Andrew and I looked at each other and said "THE CHAIR!"
Hahahaha but as we got closer to our house there wasn't as much rain,
and Andrew was hungry so we stopped at McD's for him to get food,
got home,
and the chair was still there and perfectly dry!
So now Stanley is part of our little family ;)

We had to do a little rearranging of the furniture.

The tree was here,
and we scooted the couches closer together,
and made room by our movie bookshelf for Stanley ;)
And I wanted to show you what my brother made for us for Christmas!

He drew all of the characters,
and it's really a perfect rendition of us as a couple!

Have I also mentioned that 2 weeks from right now I'll be at DISNEYLAND?!
Oh I haven't!? 
Well I will be!!!

I'm so excited guys!
I've had a Disney withdrawal and now I get to go with MY DAUGHTER!
It's like all my dreams are coming true,
and it will just get better later with more kids!

And just cuz I love you all,
here's a picture of the bug fast asleep on her playmat

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10 January 2013

Sick day

SO I guess I finally got whatever is going around cuz I feel
so gross today :/

Lucky for me, Rory gets to go to her GG and Papa's house for the day,
and Andrew has the day off so I can rest in peace ;)

And now I'm going to try and get some sleep,
I promise I'll have a fun post here soon!

05 January 2013

2013 so far

So far it's been a great year!
Hahaha ;)
But really, it has been!
Rory has already grown so much in the past month!
At her 6 month appointment she was 19 lbs even, 27" tall,
and has a noggin 43 cm around! YIKES!

She had to get 4 shots in her thighs and she had to swallow one,
which didn't make her very happy but she actually calmed down
super fast and zonked out within 10 minutes of the shots.

So cute!!
I can now just set her on the floor
and she entertains herself for a couple hours at a time!
It's amazing!

Rory's big enough to sit in the restaurant high chairs,
which I know I've already talked about,
but now it's just more fun cuz we can leave the carseat IN THE CAR
when we go out to eat!

Isn't she adorable?!
Now if we could just get her to hold her own bottle....

This is the closest I've gotten in her 6-almost-7 months of life,
one hand with mommy's help.
Ah, eventually we'll get there ;)
We're trying to get her to hold her sippy cup,
but it's hard for her to understand she has to hold it to her mouth hahaha
and we tried Cheerios for the first time today but she 
doesn't think to CHEW the Cheerios...she just tries to swallow them,
which doesn't end happily as you can imagine
but again, we'll get there ;)

She was eating green beans too ;)
And she still loves her bathtime ;)

What happened to my helpless child??
She's so big!

How's your new year been??
Oh and did I mention that I ALSO made dinner!?
Heck yeah!!

04 January 2013

Creative Pay It Forward

Ok I'm sure a bunch of you have seen this on FB
but I'm gonna post it here and the first 5 people to comment 
(either here or on my page)
will be the ones to receive things ;) 
I think this is super awesome and if you're able to,
 I think it's something that's fun for everybody to do!
2013 creative pay it forward. The first 5 people to comment below on this status will receive from me, sometime in 2013, a gift- perhaps a book, candle, baked goods, music, honey-some kind of surprise! There will likely be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me. The catch? Those 5 people must make the same offer right now in their Facebook status. Let's make 2013 the year we do nice, fun stuff for each other for no reason other than to make someone smile and know they've been thought of. A kinder, gentler year to speak of ~ Who's in?

02 January 2013

New Year, 20 Wishes, Plus a Little Extra

Alright, so it's a new year,
and ya know, you're supposed to make resolutions that you will most likely break
in a month or two hahahaha

Well instead of doing that,
I'm just thinking I'll do a list of things I'd like to do,
plus my Twenty Wishes list is gonna keep me pretty busy as it is ;)

SO I'll add just a couple things:
- I want to be a better "housekeeper"
While I understand that with an active 6 month old, 
keeping a super clean house is like impossible,
but it tends to look like a tornado hit hahaha
Play more games with my husband
Poor Andrew loves to play games,
and I'm not real big on that BUT I do play if he asks,
so now I'm just gonna be more willing to ;)
- Take more trips
This one is for both me and Andrew.
We want to do more traveling to visit friends,
family, see new places, experience new things.
And we discussed that it doesn't have to be super far either,
just a trip in general.
- be more confident with who I am
I know, sounds cheesy,
but seriously.
Sometimes I wish I was skinnier, or taller,
or whatever but now I need to accept how I am.
Now I'm not saying that I won't make better food choices
or anything cuz I will BUT I'm not gonna focus on what I'm NOT,
and be proud of how I am.

What are your goals for the new year??

01 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Tonight Andrew and I get to officially celebrate our anniversary!
I'm so excited!!
Dinner and The Hobbit! Woot!