31 December 2012

Year in Retrospect

Guys, tomorrow is 2013!
Where did the year go???
I mean seriously?!

It's been one heck of a year for us here in the Mills' family ;)
We've had some great times,
some sad times,
and one huge life-changing day ;)
Here, let's re-live it in pictures shall we?? 

Can you believe I started this year looking like this:

See that tiny bump thing?
Yeah that bump is now six months old!
Oh so little.....

Andrew and I went to see Toy Story 3 on Ice

Andrew, Trevor, and I went to see Wicked!

I chopped my hair cuz my pregnant self couldn't handle
the length/heaviness

The kids called me Rapunzel (or just Tangled actually)

My work threw me a really nice baby shower

My mom and grandma threw me another baby shower

Andrew turned 23 on June 15th

He really wanted a baby for his birthday,
but he had to wait 4 more days hahahaha

June 19th at 8:01 PM, I went from this:

to this:

Aurora Rose (Rory)
She was so little!!

We got a 5 generation picture with my great-grandma 
before she passed away this past October

I got my first sewing machine,
and am still learning the ropes, 
but I'm getting LOADS better

My brother Nick came home from his mission in Philadelphia

He then got engaged a month later hahahaha

 I chopped my hair yet again,
this time because Rory kept pulling it

I turned 24 on October 29th

It was a Halloween thing ;)

Andrew and I went on a date to see a couple movies

A different date day

Celebrated Rory's first holidays

LOVE this dress!

Rory turned 6 months!
Holy cow!!

Andrew and I are officially celebrating our 
2 year anniversary tomorrow
with a movie and dinner
(thanks Mom and Dad Bowler for watching the bug!)

What a year!!!
I can't wait to see what 2013 brings! ;)

Happy New Year from us!!



  1. Oh my gosh!! Who knew so much could happen in a year?! I'm so happy so many good things have happened to you guys!! Hopefully 2013 brings even more. :)

  2. What a year?! Love it...here is to a wonderful 2013!!! Happy New Year!


  3. I love that family picture of you guys at the end! It is so cute and I love the colors and you all look so beautiful!


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