03 December 2012

Wrap Up Lately

Holy crap December!!! Where did you come from??
Is it just me??
It seriously has snuck up on me!
And now I have realized that I need to start buying gifts in like January
cuz I'm slightly freaking out here!
But I digress from my purpose ;)

Rory has finally touched the cat for the first time,
she also tried to eat her and ended up with two handfuls of fur 
after their encounter - poor Sniffer!
But the cat was just like "I'm not sure what this thing thinks it's doing, so I'm gonna
just walk away and pretend I can't feel it pulling my hair out" hahahaha

Andrew and I went on our first date in 3 months!!
And it was heavenly!

We saw Skyfall - AMAZING by the way! Go see it if you haven't yet!
And ate lunch at Yogi's Teriyaki - delicious.

The bug finally got to wear this outfit from Auntie Pammie!

 It's adorable and I love it!
(It's also a 6-12 month outfit hahahaha)

Grandma Bowler bought her a crib toy with a huge mirror on it!

Look at that adorable smiling face!!
She's such a ham!
Sunday night she wore this to the Wilson family potluck

And those are Andrew's gigantic feet hahaha oops!

And tonight at dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Mills
she sat in a high chair for the first time!

My flash is really bright hahahaha
She's such a big girl now! 
Eating big girl food like apples and rice! 
Holy dang!
Almost 6 whole months!

See y'all soon!!!


  1. I love when they finally start meeting animals. =] It's actually quite fun. Our dog couldn't of cared less about our daughter when we brought her home and ignored her the best she could, but our daughter LOVES animals! It's so cute.

  2. her little striped tights/leg warmers/leggings (whatever they are) are adorable! She's getting so big! not an infant anymore...

  3. You're not the only one! I have been completely overwhelmed that we're already in December!!! Your little miss is just a doll!

  4. AWww, she is getting so big, and is so dang cute! Yay for a date. Seirously. I need to try and pack those in, huh?


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