20 December 2012

Update on my Wishes!

Ok guys and gals!
I'm updating my 20 Wishes list!
Now it's only been one month
so don't judge my serious lack of things crossed off!

1. Make a Minky blanket for Rory.
2. Learn to use my sewing machine.
3. Take cookies to our neighbors.
4. Buy a pair of heels!
5. Go on a date with my husband once a month!
6. Do a Disney movie marathon! - I'm partially into one!
7. Cook dinner once a week.
8. Sew a skirt!
9. Finish my wedding scrapbook!
10. Make fudge - the right way!
11. Go on family walks.
12. Buy something from Groupon.
13. Make a "memory board".
14. Make a headband for myself.
15. Have (or go to) a blogger weekend somewhere.
16. Buy a fancy dress!
17. Buy myself a nice, pretty watch.
18. Find a pen pal!
19. Get out of the apartment at least once a month,
without the baby.
20. Make Christmas ornaments for our friends and family
one year instead of cards.

Yeah so basically I just made fudge correctly and am in the midst
of my Disney movie marathon hahahahaha
Although, Rory and I have gone on walks at least twice - 3 times a week,
I'm working on making it a more everyday thing I promise!

How does your list look so far??
Also, does anyone have SUPER easy skirt patterns 
they would recommend?
When I say easy,
I mean with instructions like
"Now put your foot slowly on the pedal and slowly push the fabric
past the needle in a straight line."
Yeah easy peasy step by step stuff hahahaha



  1. Good for you! I wish we could go on walks, but it's too cold now. This tutorial is super simple and turns out so cute! http://deliacreates.blogspot.com/2012/06/green-easy-mommy-skirt.html

  2. Your doing great! =] Going on walks is hard- I only end up doing it every day because our puppy irritates me into doing it. =] It gets really hard when your baby hates being in a stroller though. =/

  3. Mastering fudge is a real skill! I commend you on that one for sure! :) Looks like everything else is going well! Keep it up girl!


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