21 December 2012

To Vlog or Not to Vlog?

So I've been contemplating doing a vlog
(seems to be the new "in" thing hahaha)
But honestly, I have no idea what I would even talk about!
And does anyone really wanna hear my voice??

So what do y'all think??
Should we do a Q & A sesh?
(I feel like that would be the best idea,
since I'm TERRIBLE at coming up with things to say),
or we could have Rory talk to you too since she's practicing her singing voice ;)
Well, let's be honest, I'll have her talk anyways hahaha
 Or Andrew and I could do one.....
or something! 
I dunno!

On a funner note,
Rory got a high chair from her grandparents Mills
and she LOVES it!

 Also, she loves carrots!
Who'da thunk?!

And guys, she's getting more mobile by the hour!

Looks like I'm in for a rollercoaster now ;)

So back to the vlog thing,
leave me questions or something,
or give advice hahahaha I'm up for whatever ;)


  1. O my goodness Rory is beautiful and that carrot face? Too much for words!..As for the vlog thing.. For myself, I"m more of a reader than a video watcher but you may like doing video's. It's worth a shot to see how you feel about it..

  2. to vlog! They're kind of fun when they're kept short. I'm with Robyn, I'm more of a reader. But I do love seeing folks in action. Maybe a video pieced together with some music? I really love those.

  3. Awww cute carrot baby.

    I think doing a vlog would be fun! I think it's always nice to be able to put a voice behind the words. So I'll ask you....

    ....If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life, which store would you pick and why?


  4. Do a short vlog just to see how you like it! Ummmm
    Best and hardest parts about being a parent. GO!

  5. I could never do one, I would be to embarrassed. But good for you! I honestly wouldn't know what to talk about either...haha. I think it just sorta flows? Maybe?


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