31 December 2012

Year in Retrospect

Guys, tomorrow is 2013!
Where did the year go???
I mean seriously?!

It's been one heck of a year for us here in the Mills' family ;)
We've had some great times,
some sad times,
and one huge life-changing day ;)
Here, let's re-live it in pictures shall we?? 

Can you believe I started this year looking like this:

See that tiny bump thing?
Yeah that bump is now six months old!
Oh so little.....

Andrew and I went to see Toy Story 3 on Ice

Andrew, Trevor, and I went to see Wicked!

I chopped my hair cuz my pregnant self couldn't handle
the length/heaviness

The kids called me Rapunzel (or just Tangled actually)

My work threw me a really nice baby shower

My mom and grandma threw me another baby shower

Andrew turned 23 on June 15th

He really wanted a baby for his birthday,
but he had to wait 4 more days hahahaha

June 19th at 8:01 PM, I went from this:

to this:

Aurora Rose (Rory)
She was so little!!

We got a 5 generation picture with my great-grandma 
before she passed away this past October

I got my first sewing machine,
and am still learning the ropes, 
but I'm getting LOADS better

My brother Nick came home from his mission in Philadelphia

He then got engaged a month later hahahaha

 I chopped my hair yet again,
this time because Rory kept pulling it

I turned 24 on October 29th

It was a Halloween thing ;)

Andrew and I went on a date to see a couple movies

A different date day

Celebrated Rory's first holidays

LOVE this dress!

Rory turned 6 months!
Holy cow!!

Andrew and I are officially celebrating our 
2 year anniversary tomorrow
with a movie and dinner
(thanks Mom and Dad Bowler for watching the bug!)

What a year!!!
I can't wait to see what 2013 brings! ;)

Happy New Year from us!!


28 December 2012

I promise I'm still here!

I'm just recovering from Christmas week
(it was amazing!)
and cleaning the apartment cuz it's a dang disaster area!
But I will be back promptly with more fun stuff I promise promise promise!!
Don't leave ;)
 Here's a little something to get you through!

 AMAZING!!! Loved it, cried like a child, saw it twice in 2 days.

Rory now has her very own Blue!!
Ya know, from Blue's Clues!
She LOVES that show and she was so excited and hasn't let go of it since!

She had fun with her uncles and soon-to-be aunt

And we shopped til we dropped ;)
How was your Christmas?!
(More to come about ours soon!)

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my lovelies!
I hope you and yours enjoy a fabulous day with family and friends ;)

Enjoy this song,
and let us all remember the reason for the season.
I love my Savior,
and am so grateful He came down to Earth to live, teach, and save.


23 December 2012

Christmas Sunday

My baby girl looked GORGEOUS this morning in her 
Christmas dress and jacket from differing family members ;)

Of course I sisn't get a picture of the three of us
cuz we were in a hurry this moening and running out the door,
then we got home and Andrew was out of his church clothes
into comfy ones faster than I could blink!
(Poor guy DID have to stay at work til almost 1 this morning, so he's beat)
Hope you all have a great Sunday with your loved ones!

Only 2 days til Christmas say WHAT?!

22 December 2012

25th Anniversary/50th Birthday Surprise

Ok so you all remember that this year is my parent's
25th Wedding Anniversary?
Ok good, yeah AND my dad turned 50 in November
so this year was kinda a big deal.
As such, I decided that we needed to do something fun
and big to celebrate these occasions.
So what did I do?

Threw them a crazy good party, that's what I did
(with help from my grandparents, parents
- yeah they helped with their own party -
and my brothers helped clean the house)!

Their actual anniversary is the 29th of this month
but we thought it'd be best to do the party in the middle of December,
just so that anyone that could come, would be able to type thing,
y'all know how crazy December gets!

But what my dad didn't know was that I had a special surprise for him 
for his 50th birthday celebration ;)

And most of the spouses came too,
and a couple cousins!
He had NO idea this was happening.
My aunts and uncles live in CO and OH
so having all of them come to AZ for this was so amazing!
I was so happy when they all said they would try to come,
then as it got closer, I'd get travel itineraries,
then 2 weeks before the party,
they ALL said they were coming and I cried with joy!
He was going to be so surprised
and so happy!

 He was working the tables-
there were 30 of us altogether!

My mom knew about the surprise
and actually helped us stall when plans didn't go exactly right hahaha
We all met up at Cracker Barrel for lunch,
and he still had no clue what was happening.
He followed me in to where everyone was standing waiting for him,
he looked around and once he comprehended
 whom he was seeing,
the tears started to flow and all he could say was
"Wow! You're all here!"
"HOW did you all do this?!"
He didn't stop crying for a long while and just kept looking around in amazement,
and I was crying from joy that first, we had pulled it off!
Cuz let me tell you, being a Bowler/Smith/now Mills 
it's hard to keep my mouth shut about surprises but I REALLY wanted this to work out,
and the fact that ALL us Bowlers kept it a secret
is miraculous!
I was overwhelmed with gratitude for them coming to see their oldest brother,
and tease, talk to, hang out with him and to see his face glow.

She was a little hyper in the car waiting for the rest of the family,
we all got together for some pictures
and to hang out all day.

Rory LOVED meeting all her Bowler relatives,
especially her "Great" Aunt Sue
and cousin Jessie ;)

There might have been some slight crushing on both sides ;)
We had such a good time with all our family!
We walked around Chandler Mall for awhile
so the little kids could run around and get some energy out,
and Rores got all puckered out:

But when she woke up,
she was all smiles and giggles,
and funny faces for grandpa!

Such a ham!

My dad took a few pictures on his iPad mini
and sent us this snapshot of the weekend

Ok so from the top left around:
- all of us girls in my parents room just chatting NO BOYS ALLOWED,
seriously, we kicked all males away hahahaha
see my mom and Aunt Lisa's hands?
- all the teens in Trevor's room
- a shpoveful
(spoon/shovel - long story, just know it was funny)
- my little ham
- my cousin James the morning after the party

It was so much fun and dad was so surprised it was the best!